Are You Listening To The Messages That Surround You

intuitive awareness

are you listening to the messages that surround you

Have you heard the universe talking lately? Have you heard the messages that are there every moment of every day? Have you heard the inner promptings of Spirit?

I remember when I first started hearing a voice inside my head, I was frightened. I was still a child, and this voice would speak to me very loudly... I recall being very frightened about this, and feeling worried. The questions that came up were: Was I crazy? Where was this voice coming from? Did others also hear this?

Now at that time, I was an insecure child and did not "risk" asking anyone about this. I definitely did not want to be ridiculed or found to be crazy. So, I tried to block out that inner voice as much as I could, because I was frightened.

In the Midst of Silence, What Do You Hear?

Years later, I started to hear the wind, the birds, and everything else in nature speak. I would be sitting quietly underneath a tree, and would hear patterns in the wind... I would "hear" messages... Now please understand that I am not saying that the wind or the birds spoke in words... It simply was as if the sounds of nature became a focus for my awareness. The sounds allowed my Higher Self to communicate with me in a form I could understand.

There also I felt a little worried... Maybe I was losing my mind or having hallucinations? Yet the wisdom that came to me at those times, the inspiration and the peace, really left no room for doubt. The Universe was communicating with me through its many voices and mouths.

Who Said What?

Now these days, this has gone ever further... Everything and everyone bring messages from Spirit. Let me give you an example. The other day I was in conversation with someone. Just as I started to say something which was "negative", the phone rang. I realized that, through this interruption, I was being prevented from speaking the words I was about to say. When you're paying attention, you will see that your guidance is coming from all directions.

How else does God speak? Another example: Let's say you are getting ready to eat or drink something, and the drink or food slips away from you or falls out of your hand. What is the message? This food is not for you, at least not at this time.

How else does the Universe talk to us? In every single little (or big) event in our lives. If nothing seems to be going right, maybe you're not headed in the right direction. If you keep trying to call someone and their phone is "always" busy, you're being told that you are not to speak to this person now. When we are doing the "right" thing at the "right" time, then there are no blockages, no restrictions. 

What Is My World Telling Me?

Are You Listening? article by Marie T. RussellListen to what your world is telling you. Is you car battery low? How is your own "battery"... are you feeling low on energy, feeling like you could use a boost?  Do you have a slow leak in your car tires? Where in your life do you have a "slow leak"... a loss of vitality, of support, of life? Is your car overheating? Perhaps you've allowed certain situations or people in your life to get you to the "boiling point"?

Another way that messages will come to you are through things you "overhear". A lot of times I may be asking myself a question internally, and I will hear someone outside yell a loud NO. Now I am aware that the person is not speaking to me (at least they are not aware that they are), yet the message is for me.

Start listening... Pay attention to all the messages that are being played for you. When you turn on the radio, what is the first song you hear? How is that a message?

Is Everything a Message?

EVERYTHING is a message for you. When my computer jams, I know it's either time for me to take a break, or that I'm not to be working in that program or on the computer at all at that time. One morning I came in to the office with the thought of doing a typesetting job for someone. I wanted to do it right away and get it done before the phones got busy. When I turned on the computer, it refused to "boot up"... it didn't do a thing. So rather than keep trying to get it to work, I realized there was a message here. I understood that I was not to work on the computer at that time. 

Now my mind felt a little upset at this... after all I had made a commitment and had to get the typesetting job done. But my "aware" self realized that the message was "no typesetting now". So I went on to do other things. About one hour later, the phone rang. The client was calling to cancel the job! I was very thankful that I had listened to the message that came through my computer... I would have worked one hour on a job that was no longer needed.

Help & Guidance Are Always All Around Us

You also can discover all of your messages from the universe... They are always present and they are your helpers. The trick is to start paying attention and to open your awareness.

Everything happens for a reason... we simply need to look for the message and we will find it is very clear. If at first you don't seem to see the messages, keep looking (and listening). After all, as with anything else, the more you do it, the better you get. So... OPEN YOUR EYES, and LISTEN.

About The Author

Marie T. Russell is the founder of InnerSelf Magazine (founded 1985). She also produced and hosted a weekly South Florida radio broadcast, Inner Power, from 1992-1995 which focused on themes such as self-esteem, personal growth, and well-being. Her articles focus on transformation and reconnecting with our own inner source of joy and creativity.

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intuitive awareness

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