Dowsing and Our Intuitive Senses: A Magic Key To Living A Better Life

Divining with a Pendulum, Intuition, and Healing
Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer

Dowsing is “human communication
with the cosmos.”
—CHRISTOPHER BIRD, The Divining Hand

What if there were a simple tool that could answer truthfully any ques­tion we might have? What if this were easy to learn and use? What if this instrument could help us make great decisions about anything in our life? The pendulum—a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and fro under the action of gravity—is such a tool.

When I first learned to use a pendulum, I didn’t know it would take me on a healing journey. I didn’t know what “dowsing” was and why it could change my life. I just saw a demonstration, tried it myself, and suddenly I wanted to know everything I could about it. At first, I did not question why it worked; I just accepted the healings I was receiving. When some­one throws you a lifeline, you don’t question the maker of the rope.

Over time I read, took classes, and became trained in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), which utilizes the pendulum and a chart system. Eventually, I became an SRT consultant. I have given spiritual readings and healings now since 2004. The more I work with pendulum dowsing and the Intuitive Charts, the more intrigued I become.

I want to share more about what intuitive pendulum healing is and is not. Let’s start with the subject of dowsing.

What Is Dowsing?

To dowse, the more scientific term, means to search with a rod or pen­dulum for anything. A sister word, more spiritual, is to divine, to discover by intuition, the direct knowing of truth. In this book, I use both terms interchangeably. In this and the last century, dowsing (or divining) has gone through a paradigm shift.

Once used primarily for finding water or minerals, today dowsing is used to search for and understand the mysteries of earth, spirit, and healing. In her book Dowsing, the Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century, Elizabeth Brown, a dowser in Britain, describes dowsing as “a way of finding out by accessing information with direct intent, using a means outside the five senses and culminating in a physical response within the human body.”

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Dowsing is an art form, rather than a science. After centuries of study, it hasn’t yet been adequately explained. But we know through empirical evidence that it works. Two primary types of dowsing are field dowsing for resources and information dowsing for remote information.

Field dowsing is the form that is most well known. You might have seen pictures of an older gentleman holding a rod or forked willow branch in both hands in front of him and slowly walking across a field to find water or resources. This is field dowsing.

Information dowsing is analogous to remote viewing, which can be done using maps, charts, or simply by asking yes or no questions. Rus­sell Targ, a physicist and researcher at Stanford Research Institute for two decades, documented in repeated experiments that humans have the capacity to perceive and describe scenes remotely and that these psychic abilities are real. As Targ says in his book Limitless Mind, “Remote view­ing is an example of nonlocal ability. It has repeatedly allowed people to describe, draw, and experience objects and activities anywhere on the planet, contemporaneously or in the near future.”

How Does Dowsing Work?

The dowser projects an intent, a request for infor­mation, and through the mind of the dowser and an instrument (a rod or a pendulum), an answer is fed back. The dowser picks up a signal. It’s a type of clairvoyance, seeing beyond the ordinary. We might compare it to making a phone call; if we dial correctly, we get the right person, or in more modern terms, we ask a question of Google and we receive an answer back.

However, in the case of dowsing, we are connecting with the collective unconsciousness. Just as animals home in on targets and mysteriously find their way home if lost, we humans have the capac­ity through intention, practice, and dowsing—by using all our innate senses—to seek and find our truth.

When dowsing, we are using our mind, body, and spirit, and a pendu­lum to access the invisible realm. With practice and through study of the pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts, we have a practical yet pro­found way to access the spiritual world. When we use the pendulum, the innate intuitive self will be automatically activated. With the help of our super-consciousness, we will be guided to understand both the problems and the solutions available. The pendulum acts as a compass, the charts as a map. You can then create your own healing plan.

The Body Is A Link Between Material and Spiritual Worlds

I read from Deepak Chopra’s book Reinventing the Body, Resurrect­ing the Soul: “Your body is the juncture between the visible and invisi­ble world.” Just as our energy body and chakras are our link within our body to the physical and nonphysical aspects of our bodies, so the body is a link between material and spiritual worlds.

Should we become sick, it’s wise to look at all aspects of our being. Yes, most assuredly, go to the doctor, especially when facing imminent danger, but also do the inner work to discover the bigger picture, finding out what is out of balance—spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

We may have this inner realization that we are not just a physical being, but energetic, spiritual beings as well. That we are not just this lump of flesh, but made of light. Not just physical machines with various parts that break and are fixed or not, but in the words of Father Teilhard de Chardin, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” With the pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts, we can begin investigat­ing, learning, and truly healing; and in the process we can come to know ourselves at a much deeper level.

Because we live in a materialistic society, we must actively seek and find our connection with the spirit within and without, the greatest earthly gift we can have. When we discover our true nature, it is import­ant to create a daily practice to nurture and enhance this most necessary connection, to survive and thrive on earth. We each find our own way, in our own time, on our individual, earthly, and spiritual path: practicing yoga, meditating, dowsing with a pendulum, reading, spending time in nature, riding a bike, jogging, working in Artist Way Groups, taking part in twelve-step programs, studying A Course in Miracles, and yes, observ­ing traditional and nontraditional religions.

Dowsing and Our Intuitive Senses: A Magic Key To Living A Better Life

As we connect with Spirit and dowse, we activate our intuition, our direct knowledge of the truth and a natural part of our human make-up. Intuition bypasses the rational mind, gives us quick solutions necessary for survival and for living a good life in the present. Children use this sixth sense, but then are taught to think more logically and distrust it. So by the time most of us grow up, we have learned to ignore our intuition and our bodies, and with that, our health, to our own detriment.

The good news is that when we combine our innate intuition with divining and the Intuitive Healing Charts, we receive guidance from our High Self. The more we practice, the more intuitive we become. Some of us even become psychics or spiritual healers.

In addition, dowsing with our intuitive senses awakened is a magic key to living a better life. In our information-rich world, we can find the facts, which are frequently contradictory, but we often don’t know what is best for us. Dowsing guides us to what will help us. We are drawing from both inner wisdom and outer spiritual guidance, taking many fac­tors into consideration of which we might not be aware. If it just doesn’t feel right, we look further for information. An intuitive insight comes quickly, so we can take immediate action. This can save us.

There can be a deep fear about knowing ourselves. We might believe or feel deep within that we are not worthy of God or of healing. I had this feeling when I first got sober. I felt so bad about myself, so lost and separate from God/Goddess, I did not believe They could love me.

There is the flip side of the coin too: we fear our greatness. As Mari­anne Williamson so eloquently said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” (A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles)

Healing Is A Process

By using this healing system, we can learn to cultivate awareness and listen to our mind-body-spirit self, discovering what we truly need. Many questions can arise: Are we taking care of all aspects of our­selves? Is there a practice that would be helpful for our spiritual devel­opment? Are we eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, and drinking enough water? Are we in the right career? Living in the right place? In a relationship with the right person or people? Or do we have to make changes?

We may be commuting long distances to our jobs, working extended hours, sitting at a computer screen all day with only short breaks. Some of us have lived the crazy, modern life, always achieving, rather than being, forgetting our families and our deeper selves, just so we can get ahead.

I had my moments of clarity—sitting in front of my computer at work. It felt as if I had a mind freeze for two or three seconds. I never went to a doctor, but it was a sign to me I needed to make some radical changes. Then it happened again a month later, and I did take action. Though scared to reorganize my company because of the financial hit I knew I would take, I realized I needed to transition. A few months later, I right-sized my company and created a smaller office in my hometown, and my employees became my contractors. I was happier, and so were they, working from home and well paid.

Remember, healing is a process that can often take time. The dis­ease was not created overnight, and sometimes the healing will take time too. Patience. Oh, I hate that word. But I have learned to remind myself that God/Goddess works in mysterious ways. When I align myself with Spirit, all things are possible. Even me, being patient with my body, as it heals.

What Is Intuitive Pendulum Healing?

So what is intuitive pendulum healing? It is a system whereby you will have a process to discover your health challenges and potential solu­tions and make powerful, strong decisions for yourself. You will also observe that you are quite naturally becoming more intuitive, receiving information fluidly from a higher source with the flow unblocked and open. This process can take from a month or a few months to a year.

This is the beginning of the journey, where you can find some pow­erful answers, but not all. Keep searching for yourself until you find all that can heal you.

Thus, healing of the body, mind, and spirit leads us back to the mys­tery of the Self—who we have always been and always will be—that part of us that inhabits a body but leaves when the journey is over.


  1. Learning and practicing the pendulum will help you make wiser decisions for your health and life.
  2. As you make life-affirming decisions for yourself, you will feel better mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  3. By doing the exercises throughout the book, you will have a better relationship with yourself and your body.
  4. When you take the time to center, ground, and use your pen­dulum, you will find you are naturally connected to a Higher Power.
  5. Pendulum dowsing is both practical and spiritual and will take you on a mystical journey.
  6. Your intuition will expand and flow into every part of your life.
  7. Your creativity and imagination will flourish.

Experiment with the pendulum and the charts. You might just want to get down to the busi­ness of dowsing and begin your discovery and healing process.

©2019 by Joan Rose Staffen. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Weiser Books, an
imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser LLC.

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The Book of Pendulum Healing: Charting Your Healing Course for Mind, Body, & Spirit by Joan Rose StaffenThe Book of Pendulum Healing, suitable for beginners and adepts alike, offers clear, concise instructions for using ancient dowsing techniques, a modern pendulum, and 30 interrelated intuitive healing charts as a spiritual guidance system. The lessons provided are practical--the dowsing process provides concrete, visible-to-the-eye answers and solutions--and other easy-to-learn healing techniques such as communication with the angelic realm, affirmative prayer, meditation, and aura clearing are also included. This profound system opens one's mind to inner intuition and wisdom and addresses many key intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.  (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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