How To Take Your Intuition Home With You

How To Take Your Intuition Home With You

A question I often hear my students ask is, “How do I stay tuned into my intuition and receive messages from my inner divine guidance?” They do very well in class and in the online sessions but when they go off on their own, life takes over and they feel disconnected. The answer to how to “be intuitive” all the time is to learn how to lead an intuitive life. Part of this is learning to create a habit of remembering to use your intuition.

What does it mean to be intuitive? It means to work with your intuition all the time, and that’s easy because your intuition is always on and sending you information. It is also reminding yourself that you can employ your intuition to help you for anything, and then actually using it! To be intuitive you have to live more of an intuitive life and here are a few ways to do that.

Pay Attention To Your Intuition

Your intuition presents you information through hearing, seeing, feeling and thoughts either inside or outside of you. When you’re talking to someone, as you pause to listen to their response, be open and pay attention to not only their words but also to what pop-ups arise in you.

If you are out and about, as you are walking or standing somewhere, pay attention to what you are feeling. Remember that your intuition is always sending you signals and information. You can pay more attention to your intuition if you allow yourself to “Be Open.” By giving yourself some time to stop and be open at various times in your day, you’ll create a habit of noticing your intuition more, even when you are not trying to notice it. Your intuition will be noticeable automatically.

Cultivate that awareness by reminding yourself that your intuition is sending you signals at any time. You just need to remind yourself that a feeling that suddenly arises may be one of those signals. Perhaps a sudden thought pops up that has the characteristics of an intuitive thought; it’s short, to the point, neutral and makes a statement. You may get pop-up intuitive thoughts that tell you to go this way instead of that, or to pick up that book and read it. No harm in following it and all the benefits may await you.

Your intuition comes to you in both sight, sound, thoughts and feelings. If you are diligent in journaling your intuition hits and your stories of when you received hits with your intuition, you’ll reinforce in your mind what it is like when your intuition is communicating with you. Then it becomes easier for you to notice your intuition and in this way make intuitive messages stand out for you.

Deliberately Use Your Intuition in Decision-Making

Actually setting your intention to use your intuition whenever you can and on whatever you do is the best way to keep actively engaged with your intuition. I had to train myself to remember to use my intuition with my normal decision-making process to help me decide.

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Usually, I remembered to use my intuition only when I was stuck trying to choose between two things that were fairly equal. Many times it wasn’t a big decision. When I remembered to use my intuition and the results were good it helped me build a habit to use my intuition on all my decisions, and it has become second nature. Using your intuition to help make a decision doesn’t mean that you throw out using your logic and thinking mind to decide. You can combine your logic with your intuition in decision-making.

You are always making decisions and there are always new things or changes coming into your life. These are all opportunities to use your intuition. When the mail comes, whether it’s physical mail or email, you can use your intuition to predict what kind of mail will come, how many bills, or how many emails from friends or spam? When you walk into a public bathroom use your intuition to choose the best stall to use. You enter a waiting room and have to choose a place to sit; use your intuition to pick!

Finding Opportunities To Use Your Intuition

One day I was going to a restaurant for dinner with my husband. I had made an early reservation on the computer. When we entered the restaurant the tables were mostly empty. The hostess said, “You can pick any place you want to sit.” Ah! This was an opportunity to use my intuition.

You can do this too, if you have to pick a place to sit in a restaurant; scan the room and at the same time ask, “Where is the best place for me to sit?” See where you are drawn to, which table or chair feels right to you. Perhaps one area seems brighter to you and more inviting, or more cozy. Some areas may make you feel repulsed; so don’t go in that direction.

In this case, I was drawn to a particular table in the corner and picked that one. The hostess said, “Funny, that’s the table that the computer had picked for you.” What a pleasant surprise. I gather my intuition was right!

You can further validate whether your intuitive choice was correct by seeing how you feel once you sit at your table. Is it comfortable? You may find that later some rather unpleasant people or things happen near the table that you felt repulsed by. That is validation too. These are all great examples of opportunities to practice using your intuition as well as use it purposefully.

Develop Your Intuition By Going Further

As with any other skill, to really be good at it you have to keep working at it and learning more. There are a few things you can do to go further with your intuition.

Becoming more sensitive to your body and your heart, you can strengthen your ability to connect to your intuition more easily. Your heart is the strongest electromagnetic field generator in the body. Your heart allows your intentions, via thought and emotional energy, to reach farther and be able to connect more strongly to the energy around you. By being compassionate, by having sympathy and empathy for others, you are connecting to your heart. It’s been found that when you connect with your heart to someone or something you can more easily pick up intuitive information about them.

You can participate in activities that require you to use your intuition. It may be a creative activity such as art, photography, interior decorating, fashion or even putting together your own website. Then remember to use your intuition when doing these activities. When I create my newsletters I use my intuition to select the photos I’m going to use even though I’m not an artist. I try to connect to my intuitive side.

Another way you can go further with developing your intuition is to get together with like-minds. Find other people who have similar interests to yours and are also looking to develop their intuition. Just finding people who even believe in the power of intuition is a big step towards lifting up your attitude about being intuitive and feeling good about working on improving yours.

Since the value in using your intuition deliberately is still seen by some as unusual, weird or silly, it may make you feel ashamed or want to hide that you are developing your intuition. This is why it is important to find like-minds to be with. Surround yourself with people who will support you and encourage you to keep going. Find a class or a group to join that is developing their intuition or is filled with intuitive people. Taking a class on intuition development helps you connect to others who are in the same boat as you and may want to practice with you.

Staying Tuned In

You may want to stay connected to a higher power, your higher self, your angels, All That Is and/or divine guidance. How do you stay tuned in and connected all the time? It starts with your state of mind, then working with your energy, journaling and meditation.

States of Mind

Your state of mind is key to staying connected and tuning in to your intuition all the time. If you can work with your mind to be able to come back and center yourself, you’ll be able to be calm in both your mind and body. You can do this by spending time in sacred spaces. This can be a special place that you set up for yourself in your home where you meditate or pray.

Just by spending time in this special place helps remind you to turn within and focus on your own spirituality. If you belong to a church, temple or other place of worship, that certainly can be your place to go to contemplate and center yourself. A sacred space can also be a special place in nature, or natural location that brings you a sense of grandeur and spirit. When you are in a sacred space, relax and absorb the energy and feeling there. You will bring it with you wherever you go.

Positive intentions, affirmations, prayer help put your mind in a less worried, less stressed mind. It may also calm a busy mind. Prayers are positive intentions that are hope in words. When you pray, your angels come immediately to your awareness if you are open and set the Universe’s energy in motion to answer them.

Energy Health

Remember to keep both your physical and metaphysical energy up, positive, and healthy. Go exercise, walk, breathe in fresh air, get your blood oxygenated by getting it flowing. Eat well and reduce your intake of processed foods. This is all good for your body and health as well, which will help you to stay connected with your intuition.


It’s important that you journal your intuition experiences. Journaling can be great to keep track of your intuition hits so you can remember how it comes to you. In addition, journaling your free thoughts in a diary can be helpful to connect to your inner guidance as someone that is not you.


The last piece to staying connected is to meditate. Meditate as often as you can even if it is for just a few minutes a day. The best way to be consistent with meditation is to find a time that that fits into your daily schedule and is convenient for you. Then meditate at that time every day. Habits take 30 days to become part of your automatic routine.

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