The Solution Is Just A Stone's Throw Away

The Solution is Just a Stone's Throw Away

How to bring deadlocked life situations back on track with help of the SOURCE-method

Have you felt annoyed at work by a boss or colleague?

Are you stressed by upcoming change in your life?

Are you worried about children or other family members?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, the Source method could help you. The Source method is free of external advisors, authorities, coaches or expensive seminars. This tool utilizes our inner intuitive guidance to help with life situations. Of course physical or mental health conditions may require professional, medical or therapeutic guidance.

A New Approach

Some life situations generate feelings of helplessness or hopelessness and intellectual reasoning is not sufficient for figuring out what to do or what to change. Of course we must first bring reason. However, our patterns of behavior, thoughts and habits are stronger and often unconsciously block new ideas and attitudes for fear of the unknown.

In this case, other approaches are required. One such approach is the intuitive SOURCE-method. SOURCE is an acronym for Stone Oracle Unity Recreating Constellation Experience – a form of constellation work that decodes the stones patterns to help find the solutions held within.

Instructions for Using The SOURCE Method

You need a handful of small (semi-precious) stones, which are visually distinguishable along with a large, free surface and a sheet of paper and a pen.

1. Get in tune: Relax and consciously sense your breathing and your body, pay attention to your gut feeling.

2. Write down the issue or problem in a few sentences.

3. Make a list of all the involved people and influencing factors. Select the five to seven most important on your list.

4. For each of these influencing factors choose a stone to represent it. Make a note of it.

5. Gently hold the five to seven stones between your hands. Ask for guidance to help you recognize the facts and interrelations that you have not seen. Throw the stones on the free surface. Before doing so ask that the pattern the stones make when they fall will clarify the state of your issue.

6. What patterns do you see in the constellation? Examine the contextual relationships using the list created in step 4. For example: “My insecurity” is constraining “my request for a raise”

7. What stones have to be moved in order to harmonize the situation? Sense how the stones need to be shifted for the situation to become more bearable, more coherent and more peaceful. Proceed using your intuition. Trace and sense how each shift of a stone also immediately changes the energy relations between the other remaining stones.

You can add new stones, a.k.a new influencing factors for example “self-esteem” or “the power of saying no”. You have met your goal when viewing the stone constellation creates a sort of “aha moment” or a sense of relief.

8. The meaning of the stones can now be interpreted by their locations and positions relative to one another. The ultimate pattern/constellation you create generates a message. For example, the final constellation may suggest to you that, ‘My feelings are now at the center of things.’

Look at your final constellation and formulate a message into a sentence that brings you strength.

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