Using Your Intuition Is Essential for Happiness

Why Using Our Intuition Is Essential
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Using our intuition is essential in this time period because there are no maps. We are in uncharted territory. There is nothing from past time periods relevant to what is going on today. We are evolving as a species to a higher state of understanding and being. It behooves us to open our minds, look at life from a different perspective, and do this by operating from our intuition.

Intuition is a sixth sense. It is a feeling that tells you more of the story by sensing it. It is saying to look deeper before you make a decision. Feel through it. What does this look like down the road? Does everything in this story feel right?

The Habitual Pattern of Going With the Ego Must Be Broken

When we go into a new situation, a job offer, or a new relationship with somebody, our ego tends to want to make things fit. It takes over the show without paying attention to that one jolt of intuition, that gut-feeling, that says, “Wait!”

The habitual pattern of just going with our ego is something we must break, so that we can sense, feel and pay attention to what our intuition is telling us. We have been given our intuition to use as our guide through all situations. It is our direct connection to spirit. Intuition is also referred to as our Higher Self, which opens the way to accessing all higher understanding. It is the doorway to all truth and our way to all new answers.

Living From the Inside Out, Not the Outside In

We are called to start living our lives from the inside out and not the outside in. What is meant by this? It means that we are usually looking, futilely, for something on the outside to fix us and make things better. The truth is, we already have what we need from within ourselves. Working from the inside out we are acting from our inner knowing, our intuition, which will bring us to the next portal of our journey.

This is a journey that carries us along on the sure waves of thought and intention. We are inspired to feel through things and sense the deeper meaning of whatever is before us. We do not simply accept appearances until we carefully choose what we want our lives to look like.

We ask ourselves: “Is this life-giving or is it life-taking?” If in any way it is life-taking, we do not do it. When I say life-giving, I mean adding to your own and others’ highest good. Life-taking means that your thought, word or action will take away from who you, or they, truly are. Is it honoring or dishonoring? Working from the inside, we manifest what we want on the outside.

The Path of Synchronicities

The more we operate from this place - the “seat of the soul” within ourselves - the more things start to be revealed. You will start seeing synchronicities happen. You will start to see there is more to reality than you could ever imagine.

For example, you may say: “I want to learn something, but I do not know where to start.” It is something that cannot be readily found. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere, the class or person that can teach you will show up. As they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Such direction will be given to you through your intuition, and it will bring you ever closer in your relationship with the Universal Source. The Universe kindly beckons you, and you will want to know more.

Ego Versus Essence Of True Soul-Self

The ego needs purpose - the soul does not need purpose.

The ego tends toward fixation - the soul is fluid.

The ego works from fear - the soul works from love.

The ego is based in past, present and future time - the soul just is.

The ego goes by chain of command - the soul works from equal participation.

How Do We Know If Ego Is Running Our Show?

The ego debates with us all the time, so it thinks it is getting its way, or running the show. It always has to be right, the best (superior to others), and in control of everything. It constantly needs to be fed. It is the “I want more” train. It truly believes: “If I have this, I will finally be happy.”

The ego is object dependent. It is also the heavily laden porter that carries all of our emotional baggage. Its credo is: “If you love me, I will be fine. If you do not love me, I am not fine. If I win the game, I am special and great; if I do not win the game, I am a failure.” So, it sets us up to fail at some point down the line because we place our happiness under its control, without us even knowing it.

Ego lives in a world of illusion. It is based in a duality that is black-and-white, yes or no. It is a Third-Dimensional thought process that we need to let go of, as we can find no peace in this state. It is always playing a game with us and trying to control our emotions. It is truly an addiction. It does, however, gather important information for us to use as a navigational aid. So, we need to recognize the information from the ego that is useful.

How To Start Separating From Ego

We can start to separate from ego by asking our intuition for the truth of the matter. “How does this truly feel to me?” Our body will feel things and indicate if something is right or wrong. If we truly resonate with something, it will always feel right, with lightness and happiness to it. It is a knowing. Truth is truth. There are no arguments with it. Truth just is.

If we start feeling heaviness or a weight to the feeling, it means we have reservations and we should give it more thought. So, when our ego starts to jump in, acknowledge it and say: “Thank you for this information, but we need to be quiet for a while. It’s our intuition listening time.” We can ask it to take a jog around the block and its place will be safe when it comes back. The ego is eager to do this because it is always looking for something to do.

Remember, ego commands and works from fear. So, ask yourself: “Where is this information coming from? Is it coming from a state of fear? Am I afraid of losing something that the ego thinks it needs, or am I coming from a place of love and truth?”

Spirit stays in its own presence. It stays within its own truth. It accepts what is around it and does not engage or judge. Spirit is its own essence. It participates from this space and does not get pulled into the dramas. It is the loving witness.

If we are ego-persuaded and we want to get back to our true selves, we must come from a place of “detachment with love” - meaning, when we are attached to any outcome, our egos get involved, which takes us out of peacefulness. If we are present with love in our true essence - which is our natural state, divinely given by our Maker - we then have no expectations, and with no expectations, we no longer have conflict.

Conflict can arise only when our egos are involved. Are we trying to make things fit into how we have designed our picture by controlling it? Or, can we step outside the frames of our movie and see that we are guided by our truth?

Needing to control a situation happens only when we are in fear of losing our own belief system, which we perceive as safe. This belief is so far from the truth. Safety comes when we have trust and total faith in the Divine Plan. It is surrendering, knowing and trusting we will always be taken care of, no matter what. Once we yield to this flow of truth, all things work without us trying to control them.

How Do We Find Our Essence?

Essence is the expression of the soul. It is the aura you emanate from your soul. Your essence is what makes you the unique person that you are. It is the joy you feel when you are able to express your authentic self. It is your excitement and the completeness you feel about yourself when in the wonder of a particular experience. It says, “This is me.”

One of the things I loved and needed most when I was a little girl (and continue to love) was to be by the ocean with my feet in the sand. The vastness of the ocean has always soothed me, and the warmth of the sand has comforted me. It feels all-encompassing. Today, I also love the nurturing of the mountains - they seem to hug me and I feel complete when I am in their presence. There is nothing more that I could ever need to feel. It is the totality of self and how we express ourselves when we are in the experience. These are all expressions of my essence - what my soul feels and loves.

Your essence also manifests as the virtues that you bring with you into this world. For example, one of your virtues may be your compassion for others. This is evident in the way you listen to people, by their clear reflection in your eyes, or the kindness in your voice. Your body language shows you are truly coming from compassion. It is recognizable by others. They can feel your essence. It is how your truth is expressed to the outside world.

The personality can encumber the essence when it reacts with fear to any situation. Defensively, it blocks the essence from expressing to protect itself from being hurt. This is why it is crucial to clear all baggage, so that the essence of True You can shine through in joy and shared happiness.

How Do We Move Out Of Ego And Into Our Essence Or True Soul-Self?

We must first take an honest look at ourselves and remove all people, places and things that no longer work for us. We need to clear all emotional debris that we have been hanging onto for years, maybe lifetimes. This “stuff” no longer serves a purpose, if indeed it ever did. If we are not willing to let go of the internal baggage, it will keep us in bondage and turmoil.

Once you empty your vessel, your true Soul-Self will be able to emerge in its entire splendor, and will awaken you to your true direction.

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