Moving from the Era of Intellect to the Era of Heartuition and Heartspeak

Moving from the Era of Intellect to the Era of Heartuition and Heartspeak

Maybe, like me...when you hear “Listen to your heart” or “Follow your bliss” you get frustrated. Irritated. Cynicalsnarky. Angryannoyed. Itchypissy. Crankycrackly. You get that “easier said than done” huffing and puffing response ready.

It’s not that you don’t want to. It’s that you don’t know how. Or maybe you once did but you’ve forgotten. Or you’ve been in your head and shoring up your defenses for so long that you fear it. You fear your own heart’s deepest wisdomwhispers. Because then you’ll have to act. To change. To grow. To face some scary truths.

But you know what? It’s OK. Start small. Close your eyes. Put your hands over your heart and just breathe in and out. Start there. See what feelings arise. Sit with them. Be with them. Let them come. Let them go. You won’t die. You really won’t.

In fact? Maybe for the first time ever? You’ll really begin to live.

You’ll quit that job. You’ll leave that dead-end relationship. You’ll be guided every step of the way and people will show up on your journey to encourage you and to remind you that you are worthy of a life that is your own.

Cooperate With Your Life Adventure's Journey

When the time comes for your spiritual or romantic or life shift adventure: leap. Make it a priority. Cooperate with the journey.

Soul wings will carry you from one puzzle piece to the next. And soon ALL of us will be called to this. Our mundane and metaphysical worlds will merge completely as all timelines blend into the NOW.

It is in this total surrendered space that love is born. And you will know true freedom in the deepest sense. Beyond identity. Beyond attachment or fears of attachment. Beyond union or communion. Integration, wholeness, unity consciousness embodied. Shared. Known. Felt. Seen. All senses heightened and enlivened.

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The return and the remembering. The you that you really came here to be. That one that wakes you sweating in the middle of the night. The one that gets louder and more insistent every day you ignore him/her.

Know What You Know

There’s a school of belief that says that we can’t ever really “know” anything for sure. I totally disagree. I think that keeps us feeling stuck and indecisive and inactive and in misery. I know what I know. I know there’s also plenty I do NOT know. But there is plenty that I do...and denying that? Pretending not to know? That’s where illness happens.

Our emotions and our intuition are greatly linked. Trust that they are both telling you something vital. Learn to decode them lovingly.

So many of us have been so cut off from our feelings for so long that we stopped trusting them. We got either overwhelmed or numb. We intellectualized EVERYthing. This is changing now. We are realizing that stopping or suppressing the flow of emotions causes illness and stress. There is a whole culture emerging built around changing our thoughts and emotions. Yes...but to change them? We must feel them.

No Task Greater Than Our Own Well-being

There is no rush whatsoever to evolve. No agenda or grand plan. No vision or mission or false urgency. No deadline for enlightenment. No program or seminar or project more important than my own health. No task greater than my own well-being. Nothing to prove.

I’m moving away from all patterns/vibes of workaholism and deeply back into wholism. If it’s eazzzzy I’m there. In flowwwww? Yup. If it’s not aligned or if it’s dense, sticky or staticky? Forced or too structured? Then no. If it doesn’t honor my time or talents? Yeah, nope.

My conscious, resounding YES is to playful, flexible manifesting and co-creating with joy, fun and freedom. From the NOW. Showing up and being myself. Surrounding myself with those who encourage, allow and uplift rather than undermine, pressure or compete.

Work That Has Heart

Hard work, that doesn’t have heart, is only a recipe for burnout and exhaustion. It’s not noble or’s unnecessary and martyr-ish. Get off the cross, lovey. We need the wood for the campfires of awesome we’ll all be building and singing around.

We are all free in every moment to be impoverished by fear or enriched by love. There is no such thing as the rich or the poor in the eyes of the Divine. Top dogs or underdogs. Those labels keep us locked in old separation cycles.

Some of the richest people you will ever meet don’t have a nickel. And some of the poorest seem to have it all. It ain’t about the money, honey. When are we gonna see? It’s all just another you? Another me. The bloated CEO who flies his private jet and the starving child with flies crawling on her are each carrying the same divine spark manifested in different form.

Play with your ideas of injustice. Of poverty. Of wealth. Throw away the old stories. Start writing new realities. We are in NOWtimes. We create our evolving and shifting reality. All of us do. With every thought. See people’s wings. Everyone’s. Always.

And a path? A life without heart? Where you just zombie your way through and wait for death? Well, honey? That is selfish. Because then you deprive the world of your unmitigated joy and your radiantly beaming heart. So when it speaks? Listen. Follow. Repeat.

It will take mountains of courage and oceans of bravery. Do it anyway. Because regret is so much worse. Sure... you’ll feel utterly naked. But that’s how we’re all born. And how some of our best times happen. So get heartnaked and soulbare and let love guide the way.

©2016 by Courtney A. Walsh. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press.

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Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity by Courtney A. Walsh.Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity
by Courtney A. Walsh.

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Courtney A. WalshCourtney A. Walsh has been a professional writer/editor/author/inspirational speaker for fifteen years. With an extensive background in marketing, advertising, creative writing, film, cultural studies, and languages, Courtney has worked with the United States National Park Service to review, research and co-write a technical report on the origins of the Statue of Liberty. Other accomplishments include a project for MTV (Music Television) and publishing several feature op-ed articles as a contributing writer for The Portsmouth Herald. She has created a successful career as a blogger, social media figure and professional speaker.


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