Five Spiritual Tips To Help You Be More Connected to the Spirit World

Many People Are Receiving Signs from Spirit! Why Not You?

Have an open mind. Allow yourself
to get lost in your imagination.
Within that space is your intuition
and connection to your higher self.

I believe all people have some psychic intuition — more than most know they have — that can be cultivated enough to enable them to receive and recognize signs from spirits. The first step in tapping into that intuition is to set your intention by silently asking the spirits for help when you need it.

In other words, pray or meditate. If you are going through a difficult time and are looking for answers or guidance in a particular situation, you first have to ask for help and for signs. That’s the easy part.

The second step, which is more difficult but equally important, is to open your heart and mind to receiving those signs.

Let’s say you are thinking about leaving your job to take one at another company, but you don’t know if you should. Pray about it, then keep your eyes and ears open for the answers. What does that mean? Well, chances are pretty good that a random person is not going to walk up to you after you pray and say, “You need to take that job.”

Spirits work love to play charades — so you know it’s usually not that simple. But if you go out to dinner in the midst of trying to make this decision, and your extremely happy waitress tells you it’s her first day on the job, that could be a sign to you that you need to accept your new job. Or if you are watching someone being interviewed on television who comments that the grass is not always greener on the other side, that could be a sign to stay in your current job.

Is It A Sign from Spirit?

So how do you know whether something is truly a sign? There is no definitive answer to that; you must use your intuition. If you think you have received a sign but aren’t confident that it is one, continue to pray and meditate. Ask God for more help, more signs, more assurance, and see what happens.

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I have discovered over time that signs intended for me from spirits come in threes. I have heard others say the same. Some of us need to have signs thrown in our faces many times and in different ways before the message resonates with us. So if I were thinking about changing jobs, and the spirits were trying to tell me I should, I might get that sign from the waitress and two other signs totally unrelated to her but related to changing jobs. Maybe the next day I will open a newspaper and find a story about how more Americans are changing careers, and the day after that I will turn on the radio and hear Johnny Paycheck’s 1977 country hit “Take This Job and Shove It.” Does any station even play that song anymore? I think that would be a huge sign!

Remember, spirits can relay messages in several ways, including through music and humor.

What's A Special Sign for You?

Any time I seek guidance, I look for a white butterfly. To me, that is a sign from my mother. I am not saying that my mom is the butterfly. I am not even necessarily saying that she sent the butterfly. What I am saying is that it’s her way of letting me know that she is listening.

For others, a sign could be a bird or something else in nature. I once did a reading for a woman who lived in a big house in California with picture windows in almost every room. For a week straight a bird tapped on the windows all day long. No matter what room the woman was in, the bird seemed to find her. It became so annoying that she went outside several times to try to shoo it away, but the bird always came back.

At the end of the week, when we had our reading — I knew nothing about her bird problem — I told her that her mother was coming through and showing me a bird. I asked her if she had had any recent encounters with birds. After the woman acknowledged that she had, and commented on how bothersome the bird was, her mother flashed an image of herself throwing her head back and laughing. That bird was the mother’s way of letting her daughter know that she was with her.

After the reading, the daughter shifted her mind-set, and that annoying bird instantly became a sound and symbol of peace and comfort from someone she loved so dearly.

Many Ways That Spirits Get in Touch

Fluctuations in electricity could also be a sign. Spirits are energy currents, so it is easy for them to manipulate electricity and cause cell phones, televisions, computers, and lights to flicker. Yes, when a light bulb burns out, that could simply mean the light bulb was old. But if you are sitting on the edge of your bed looking at a photo album, reminiscing about a grandma who has passed, and a light pops off, I would bet it’s her letting you know she is there. All spirits are different, and spirits’ methods of communicating with you may vary greatly.

Another way they reach us is through music. My mom once told me that when she sang in her school choir her sophomore year, the song they were best known for was “California Dreamin’” by the Mamas and the Papas. During my sophomore year of high school, just a month after Mom passed away and on our first day of choir practice, our director told us to open our binders to the song on the first page — and it was “California Dreamin.’” I definitely took that as a sign that she was with me that day and throughout the year as I came into my own element as a singer.

Being Open to Spirit Communication

Some people will argue that the signs I’ve mentioned are nothing more than coincidences. I understand and respect that opinion but do not agree. I do not believe in coincidences. I believe everything in the universe happens for a specific reason, and that such synchrony is often triggered by spirits.

If you are open to that belief, the spirits will be open to giving you the signs and guidance you seek. These will enlighten you to a new way of living and thinking and will empower you to build your own communication system with the spirits. If your mind is closed to the spirits, they will likely recognize your attitude over time and no longer try to communicate with you — which, to me, would be a tremendous opportunity lost.

Five Spiritual Tips To Help You Be More Connected

Here are five spiritual tips I have devised that can help you become more connected, or in tune, with the spirit world in your daily life. They primarily focus on opening your mind and being more aware of what happens around you. Once you master these practices, you will view the world in a different light; peace, healing, and hope will come to you to a degree that previously eluded you.

Understand that our thoughts create our reality.

There are so many physical worries and obstacles that block us from pursuing our passions. We go to work, come home, pay the bills, take care of other responsibilities, then do it all over again the next day. Everyone’s struggle is to live in the moment.

The lesson is to stop your negative thinking and reprogram your thoughts. Disrupt your life as it is. Change its pattern. Rather than saying, “I’m sad that I am never going to be able to do this,” end that thought process. Use the word cancel or delete every time you think that way, and start a new way of thinking.

Spiritually cleanse yourself.

Visualize the clearing of your energy and protect yourself, no matter what your occupation may be. This goes back to realizing that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical shell.

Just as you take a shower every day to cleanse your body, you must also cleanse your soul each day. Praying is a perfect way to do that. Or follow the meditation I provided, or any of many other meditations you can find in a book or on the internet.

Visualize white light coming down from heaven and flowing through your body before ultimately surrounding and protecting you. This is a good time to set your positive intentions for the day. Doing so will help you prevent yourself from absorbing other people’s negative junk, which you will undoubtedly encounter throughout the day.

Set your intention that positive life events will unfold, then focus on positive self-talk (affirmations) to help make them happen.

Set an intention every day, as if you are planting a seed. Then tell yourself that the universe is going to help you orchestrate the events that will bring that intention to fruition. Everything that happens around you will have something to do with making that intention happen.

Let’s say you want to lose weight, and you tell yourself when you wake up that morning that you are going to lose weight. Later in the day as you go to the grocery store, you are faced with the temptation to buy the same unhealthy food you have bought in the past. But as you walk in the store you notice a magazine on a rack that shows a gorgeous Hollywood actress who lost fifty pounds.

Without your intention, you might not have noticed that picture. Seeing it keeps you on the path toward your goal and motivates you to buy only healthy foods.

This might not have happened had you not set your intention. Setting an intention gets the ball rolling and keeps it rolling throughout the day.

Use the spirit world’s help to recognize when you are on the correct path.

Understand the synchronicities around you. Do not see anything as coincidence. Spirits who are trying to guide you in the right direction send you signs all day long.

Whatever it is that you want to do in your life, keep your eyes and ears open for validation that you’re doing what you should be doing (or should not be doing). Pay attention to such signs, and trust them.

Grow your own connection to spirits by being open to the signs they show you.

I talked earlier about the woman who was annoyed by a bird pecking the windows of her home; she turned that annoyance into a beautiful connection with her mother after I helped her open her eyes and ears and mind.

Remember, do not expect a dead person to appear next to your bed in spirit and tell you what to do. Look instead for the signs they place around you each day.

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