How To Make Sure That Guidance Comes To You Exactly As You Need It

How To Make Sure That Guidance Comes To You Exactly As You Need It

We are all born with special, exceptional, individualized gifts, and we are created to utilize these gifts, no matter how great or how small they may seem to us. Yet, sometimes we are our own roadblocks mainly because of untrue beliefs we have superimposed upon ourselves. Perhaps this happens because of our life experiences, our early religious teachings, or even our imposed psychological nature that we allow to override our intuitive nature, often unaware.

Over the last decade of mystically receiving guidance from God not only through writing but also through nature and meditative prayer sessions, I have learned several key things that may help you facilitate this mystical connection in your own, unique ways. Briefly, I list them here with few details mainly because intuitive guidance is so very unique to each human being.

Things You Need To Know

The following suggestions are not all-inclusive or finite, yet they are some of the most important things you need to know in order to seek your own inner truth.

Be assured, you have the ability to receive God’s guidance in your own way. All of us do. In fact, each of us was created in Divine image in order that we do have this ability. To begin, first assimilate these initial truths into your beliefs. Then be watchful, aware, and readily accepting. Guidance will come to you just exactly as you need it, specifically for you.

* There is a Greater Spirit that loves you and cares for you.

You can call this God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Yahweh, Allah, Higher Power, Creator, Cosmic Consciousness, or what you will. You can individualize it, but know it is greater than you and it is part of you. Realize, also, this unlimited Greater Spirit is far beyond any limited concept or name you may formulate to facilitate description. Furthermore, know you are quite connected to this loving, Divine Presence, whether you realize it or not. Your first intention is to awaken to the truth of your unique Divine Connection.

* This Holiness—this Greater Spirit—cares and loves you to the point that you are accepted just as you are.

Once you turn toward this Presence, and indeed dedicate your life to bonding in your own unique way to this Presence, the result is exponentially filled with wisdom, mercy, and grace. You then recognize that life is about Love, but not the kind of love found in relationships. Your life is about the Divine Love of Creation for you, and your choices are about your yearning for this Love.

* God is always greater than your perceptions of what God is or is capable of. God’s Love is more profound than you are able to imagine.

God’s power is beyond any physical, mental, or personal empowerment you may have gleaned. God’s Wisdom is not only infinite; it is all-encompassing, ever-present, and continually increasing. However you process God, there is always a Greater Story. Through surrender, faith, and trust in Grace, it is not only possible, but probable to receive exactly the specific guidance and Wisdom needed in each situation.

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* You are not broken, nothing is missing in your life, and you are perfect even in your imperfections.

You are a mystic by birth; you have just forgotten. Spiritual emergence is the process of remembering what you have forgotten about yourself. The mystical part of you is already true, already present, and already available to you. Acceptance of your mystical nature is up to you, however. Unlike your educational degree, the two-mile walk you took today, or the possessions you have accumulated, your birthright is mystical. You are wonderful just as you are. You don’t have to claim what is already true; just clear the beliefs blocking your own Divine, Spiritual nature. You are your own sacred story unfolding.

* Go to the Divine for answers to your questions.

If you need some help with your life, just ask and know it will come. It’s as simple as that. Don’t ask your neighbors, your family, your friends, or even religious officials, not if you want Divine help. Understand, though, that your prayers are best manifested if they are results-oriented concepts to help you grow in wisdom, grace, and in your spirituality, which is your connection to God. For instance, don’t ask for some specific item or event that would make you happy. Ask for Happiness. Know it is coming. Trust the Divine to help you become happy. Then, most importantly, don’t orchestrate the specifics of how this is going to be achieved. There’s always a greater path than you recognize. Leave the “how” up to God.

* Connecting to the Divine in order to receive guidance for your life should not be about the specifics of something you do.

In the modern-day version of accomplishments, successes, and micromanagement, we are taught our attainment in any endeavor is directionally proportional to our efforts. The business standard for success teaches us to set a goal, write down the steps to accomplishing this goal, and then complete each step one at a time. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with living this way. Yet, it’s not a formula that enriches our spiritual lives. To receive guidance from God for you the way you need it, it is not a requirement to know the how-to of results-oriented business matters. Connecting to the Divine in order to receive guidance for your life is instead about something you allow, something you receive.

* Realize that if you embark upon a path of spiritual growth, there is never an endpoint, finality, or destination.

As each of us embarks upon a spiritual path in order to grow closer to God, at some point we all think we have achieved success due to our increased understanding. However, remaining in that place would be tantamount to putting yourself on one page of a book of life: we each must remember there is always another page of Wisdom to be explored. You see, spiritual growth is process-oriented. Instead of being finite, it is infinite. Inner freedom—being free of prejudices, an overwhelming need for preferential treatment, and out-of-control ego—always has room for increase. Additionally, Love emanating from God to each of us is unlimited because God is unlimited. Life is not passive, it is not about preserving comfort levels, and it is not about maintaining a particular status quo. Life is about the journey.

* Love is not an acquisition, but instead is a gift. Love is a feeling.

It’s a natural state, ingrained as your specific being, created divinely. It does not come from someone to you. It comes with you upon your birth. Your job is to stop looking out there in the world for it, and open up your heart to feel what already is there. Once you crack that long, bolted lock inside yourself, Love gathers force exponentially. No person or event will ever substitute for this Divine longing. A yearning for True Love is actually a longing for a Divine Connection.

* Spirit speaks to you, utilizing a path of Love; Receiving God’s answers/guidance is not something you do, but something you allow.

To best access this state, one must receive it, not analyze it, manipulate it, or imagine it. This intuition may come as a knowing, a vision, a soft inner whisper, or feeling sensations, whether through writing, intuitive vision, or profound feeling or knowing. Your way of accessing this Divine Connection is unique to you. Whether you know them or not, you have been given gifts to use for this connection; they are exactly what you need. Open up to these talents.

* Become more aware of not only your surroundings, but of repetitions and synchronicities.

Note when you see something pop into your life out of context. When you read a passage or hear someone speak, notice specifically when you feel a positive energetic shift. Notice when nature bends itself into your direction through animal movements, flowers, or almost anything. The Bible says that Jesus heard a voice booming out of the heavens. However, for most of us that still, inner whisper of God comes a bit less dramatically. Divine messages are everywhere if you open to noticing them.

* Recognize that intuition is a language of the soul.

Through this inner knowing, you have the possibility to access that which is greater than you yet is part of you. Don’t worry about doing it right, for it is not something you do. Albert Einstein knew this well when he said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Don’t let your fears hide your own intuitive gifts.

* Whatever way you receive and process, your Divine Connection is always received in Stillness.

In this age of setting goals, maintaining schedules, and obtaining results, we have lost the ability to just simply be receptive. You cannot justly receive when talking, overthinking, or overmanaging the results you wish to achieve. Use the principles of willingness instead of willfulness, openness instead of closed-mindedness, surrender instead of manipulation, and trust instead of fear-based doing. All four are major components of spiritual receptivity. To receive personal, Divine guidance for your life, you must be still enough, aware enough, and quiet enough to receive it.

* Yes, it is possible that you are all you need to facilitate this process of Wisdom through Divine guidance.

Remember, on your journey you will often be surprised, you may be amazed, and occasionally you may be downright confused. Just know you are in process. Your Divine Receptions are not your imagination; with God, anything is possible.

Reprinted with permission.
©2015 by Patricia M. Fievet.
Published by Cloverhurst Publications.

Article Source

Making of a Mystic: Writing as a Form of Spiritual Emergence
by Paddy Fievet, PhD.

Making of a Mystic: Writing as a Form of Spiritual Emergence by Paddy Fievet, PhD.There is a Modern Mystic in everyone, or so Paddy Fievet discovered to her own astonishment. Quite unexpectedly, through pen and paper, while meditating deeply one day, Paddy received an answer to a question that had plagued her all her life. Not only was the answer insightful, the answer, as well as the odd process of receiving it, changed her life forever. The reader will journey to the center of his or her own heart, recognizing Divine Love in self, others and nature. "Making of a Mystic" guides the reader through the deeper meanings of mystical connection, as discovered through some profound truths, and facilitates this mystical connection.

Click here for more info and/or to order this paperback book and/or download the Kindle edition.

About the Author

Paddy Fievet, PhD., author of "Making of a Mystic: Writing as a Form of Spiritual Emergence"PADDY FIEVET loves the soul-enhancing connection that comes from writing. Making of a Mystic is her second book; her first, When Life Cried Out, was also published in 2014. She still utilizes the methods described in this book, for they are a foremost way of connecting to God’s loving Spirit on a daily basis. They are also for her a method of cultivating silence and allowing Spirit to move and guide her in whatever she does—a prayer through pen and paper. Currently, Paddy enjoys speaking to groups, telling meaningful stories, facilitating writing groups, and assisting others in discovering their own specific versions of life as a Sacred Story. Visit Paddy Fievet online at

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