Never Date A Leo

Never Date A Leo - Leo TraitsNever Date A Leo - Leo Traits

Looking for an easygoing, low-maintenance, and independent partner? Someone who can always roll with the punches, never takes anything personally, and is always able to separate their ego from the situation at hand? Well, then avoid Leos at all costs.

Never Date A Leo - Leo TraitsIf you're dating a Leo, you're going to need lots of Power Naps because these folks are as high-maintenance as they come. If you can manage to call and/or stop by to tell them they look good, did good, and that the color of the sweater they're wearing really brings out their eyes -- at least 18 times a day -- they'll be mildly placated. If you don't, they'll pout and say you don't love them anymore.

Too bad the reason you didn't call was because you were having surgery. Couldn't someone else dial the phone for you? Be prepared for your life to turn into a soap opera, too. With Leo, High Drama is the only way to go, and Big Entrances and Big Exits, are the only way to get there. Most important of all, don't ever stand in their spotlight -- which is anywhere people gather in groups of more than one.


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Never Date A Leo - Leo TraitsKim Rogers-Gallagher interprets charts, lectures nationally, and particularly enjoys political and mundane astrology. Her first book is Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and her second is Astrology for the Light Side of the Future. She can be reached at PO. Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432-0141.

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