Never Date A Cancer

Never Date A Cancer - Cancer TraitsNever Date A Cancer - Cancer Traits

Cancers are known to be private types who are fond of their homes and very, very tight with their families. Don't ask them any personal questions for at least a year, regardless of whether or not you're married by then.

Never Date A Cancer - Cancer TraitsHowever, if your idea of great fun is hanging out at their place with their mother and their children, doing needlepoint, looking at their baby pictures (again), reading cookbooks, and eating chocolate-chip cookies (making sure the shades are drawn so They can't see in), you've found your ideal match. Moody?

Well, maybe a little, but only if you say something they take the wrong way -- which is every other sentence. Clingy? Only until they're sure you're really committed. Then they'll let you go out alone again. But not without your sun block, umbrella, and extra sweater -- just in case.


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Never Date A Cancer - Cancer TraitsKim Rogers-Gallagher interprets charts, lectures nationally, and particularly enjoys political and mundane astrology. Her first book is Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and her second is Astrology for the Light Side of the Future. She can be reached at PO. Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432-0141.


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