Never Date An Aries

Never Date An Aries - Aries TraitsNever Date An Aries - Aries Traits

Looking for a lover who's mature, gentle, thoughtful, considerate, and entirely unselfish? Well, then, don't even consider dating an Aries. They'll amaze you at their ability to stuff six "I's" into every sentence -- in between slamming doors, driving like a maniac, and screaming like an infant until they get what they want. Do they really throw temper tantrums? No, no, no!!!

Never Date An Aries - Aries TraitsAre they hideously impatient? Oh, no, of course not. They're willing to wait at least 4-1/2 seconds for a seat in the restaurant right smack in the middle of the dinner hour, another 5 seconds after they're seated for the waitress to sprint to the table with the meal she's magically intuited they were about to order, another 7 seconds after their plate hits the table for the check, and they'll see you in the car when you're done! Oh, you're only on the salad?

Are these Mars-ruled folks really as totally unaware of Others as they seem to be? Well, no, of course not. They know perfectly well there are Others in the world -- they refer to us as The Opponents.


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Never Date An Aries - Aries TraitsKim Rogers-Gallagher interprets charts, lectures nationally, and particularly enjoys political and mundane astrology. Her first book is Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and her second is Astrology for the Light Side of the Future. She can be reached at PO. Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432-0141.

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