Virgo Sun Sign

Virgo Sun Sign - Virgo CharacteristicsVirgo Sun Sign - Virgo Characteristics

Virgo Sun-sign: August 24-September 22

Of all 12 signs, Virgo is the busiest. Those who have it as their Sun- or Rising sign will surround themselves with a great many tasks, so that their day is full of activity. It is very difficult indeed for them to relax totally putting their feet up and doing nothing has no great appeal, so the best way for them to cut out is to move from work which is intellectually demanding to something that makes greater demands on their physical energy. 

Virgo Is An Organizer

Virgo organizing ability is not very strong, and sometimes a fair amount of time and energy is wasted because they do not allow themselves enough time to get tasks sorted out or executed in an orderly way.

Virgo Sun Sign - Virgo CharacteristicsHere we have the critic of the Zodiac, and it is usual for Virgoans to work in a very analytical way on small details. They give marvelous support to "front" men and women, making excellent secretaries and personal assistants, and usually enjoying that kind of role rather than one which carries heavy responsibility. It is, alas, far too often the case that Virgo are imposed upon. They have by nature a very strong sense of duty, and this can sometimes be carried to extremes, so that a young Virgoan woman will sacrifice her career to look after an aging or sick mother, who will become more and more demanding of her and her time and energy.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it, or ask a Virgoan the chances are that you will get a quick response, and full value. And how difficult it can be to try to repay any good turn that Virgo do for us.

Virgo Physical Challenge

Because they have such a high level of nervous energy there is always a danger of tension getting the upper hand, and as a result many Virgoans suffer from bad headaches or migraine. While they are basically very logical and tremendously practical people, worry frequently gets the better of them. This will have a negative effect on their digestion (Virgo's body-areas are the stomach and bowels), and very often this symptom emerges before the individual actually realizes that he or she is over concerned about some tricky problem. 

There are marvelous ways in which this Zodiac type can counter worry, and it is by using their practical and analytical approach to life that they will best overcome it. When faced with problems, they should take pencil and paper and make careful notes of every aspect of the situation; this will help clarify in their minds what line of positive action will eventually be necessary.

Because Virgoans like to live active and busy lives, they enjoy filling their out-of-work hours with a great many hobbies and interests. If they are at all artistically inclined, craft-work using natural materials wool, clay, wood and so on is particularly rewarding. They often have green fingers, and love tending gardens and potted plants. To ward off tension, demanding physical exercise is excellent for them, with walking, cycling, and jogging, being especially beneficial. Many Virgoans are attracted to vegetarianism, and even more enjoy whole foods; they make good practitioners of fringe medicine, and are often enthusiastic about it. 

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Virgo and the Family

Just as Virgo are discriminating and critical in other areas of life, so are they in personal relationships. They choose partners very carefully. There is a natural modesty about any Virgo in love: "He/she will never take any notice of me" tends to be the cry when Virgo is attracted to a new partner. They make good parents, and are especially keen to develop their children's intellects. Sometimes they tend to carp or nag their children (and their partners) a little too much, but usually only when they are tense or under strain caused by other problems. Virgoan children are popular at school, willing to help with small tasks, which make the teacher's job easier.

Virgo Sun Sign - Virgo Characteristics

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