Moon In Virgo: Virgo as a Moon Sign


Moon In Virgo: Virgo as Moon Sign

Moon In Virgo: Virgo as a Moon Sign

The Moon works well from Virgo, since it intensifies the speed at which the individual reacts to all situations. That reaction is practical, helpful, and extremely logical. This makes them sharp in debate and argument, and they will accept nothing as fact until they have crosschecked the source of the information or questioned whoever first made it.

Moon In Virgo: Virgo as Moon SignThis placing often encourages an attraction to the medical or caring professions, because the need to help others is strong, but it can cool, or at least over-rationalize the emotions, and it is up to the individual to realize that this may be so, and to make quite sure that the process has no adverse effect on psychological development or well-being. 

This also makes for an extremely down-to-earth and sensible, reliable person, who will help anyone solve their difficulties, but equally will not allow slacking or put up with lackadaisical behavior.

As is the case with Sun- and Rising-sign Virgoans, there is often literary talent, and writing can become an important and rewarding occupation. 

There will also be a strong tendency to curb extravagance a conflict indeed for those whose Sun- or Rising-signs veer towards luxury and expense. Remember, however, that the tendency will, as with all Moon characteristics, be the initial response. 

While worry will also be something to cope with, the Rising- and Sun-signs will in most cases help the individual to come to terms with that problem. Should they not get enough support from Sun- or Rising-signs, it will be as well for them to follow the advice given under the Sun-sign heading.

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