Taurus Rising Sign - Taurus Ascendant

Taurus Rising Sign - Taurus AscendantTaurus Rising Sign - Taurus Ascendant

Although the individual with Taurus rising may not give the impression that he or she needs to feel more than usually secure, the underlying need will be very much present, and, as is the case with Sun-sign Taureans, will relate to both financial and emotional security. 

The tendency will be gradually to build towards their important objectives in life and Taurean patience will see to it that nothing is rushed. 

Taurus Rising Sign - Taurus AscendantThere is a strong sense of ambition, and a need for and love of beautiful things is also in evidence. But the main emphasis is on material progress; the individual may well become over concerned with the amount of money he or she makes, and the amount of property owned, rather than with the development of true aesthetic values. If works of art are bought they will be appreciated, but the excitement of investment potential cannot be denied.

In emotional relationships there is a high level of intensity and passion. This Taurean could make considerable demands on a partner, but in return the partner would know that the relationship is very deep, sincere, and meaningful. The Taurean ability to enjoy life and get a great deal of pleasure from all aspects of it would definitely add a marvelous dimension to the relationship. 

However, Taurean possessiveness will certainly emerge, as will a strong element of jealousy, which could be totally unfounded. It is simply something that someone sharing the life of a Taurus-rising type will have to come to terms with, trying to get their partner to understand the weakness not an easy thing to do. It is here that the emphasis of the Taurean polar sign, Scorpio, will be in evidence, but it will only affect the attitude to the partner.



Taurus Rising Sign - Taurus Ascendant

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