Moon In Taurus: Taurus as a Moon Sign

Moon In Taurus: Taurus as Moon Sign

Moon In Taurus: Taurus as a Moon Sign

When the Moon is in Taurus, its influence is of even greater strength and importance than in most other cases. Immediate reactions to situations will be slow, but once an opinion is formed the individual will speak up with determination and authority, making opinions known in a few impressive sentences. 

Moon In Taurus: Taurus as Moon SignYet again the need for security is present, but it is an immediate reaction rather than an essential factor. Moon in Taurus could easily take calculated risks for instance, once having thought out the situation with care. 

Taurean possessiveness will be a very basic reaction when emotional security is challenged, and a tendency towards a rather old-fashioned outlook is characteristic, though according to other prominent signs in the chart the individual may well loathe such a reaction and do everything to fight it. 

This placing gives a lot of basic common sense and determination. Stubbornness may have to be negated, as with Sun- and Rising-sign Taureans, but again it will appear as a first reaction, or when the individual is young and hasn't yet learned that there are other, better ways in which to carve one's progress. 

This placing lays some excellent sound "foundations" to the personality, but any slowness of response may have to be countered.


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