Scorpio Sun Sign


Scorpio Sun Sign - Scorpio CharacteristicsScorpio Sun Sign - Scorpio Characteristics


Scorpio Sun-sign: October 24-November 22

This, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, is the strongest, offering the greatest resources of both emotional and physical energy. Those born with Scorpio prominently placed in their birth chart must find ways of using these resources positively and in a fulfilling way. This is best achieved by expression in a career.

No mere "job" is good enough for a high-powered Scorpio they should spend their working hours doing something they consider worthwhile as well as engrossing. It does not matter whether this calls for some highly developed skill or extended study, as long as it is meaningful to the individual. When it is, then all is well, and energy will be directly channeled through this vital involvement. 

It is to be remembered, then, that Scorpios are capable of a great deal, and the more they have to do, the better it is for them. The worst thing possible for them is when their abundant resources stagnate; then, a lot can go wrong they will be bored, and waste their talents; worse still, Scorpio faults of jealousy and to a certain extent envy usually of those who are making the grade will emerge.

Scorpio and Emotions

Scorpio emotional intensity is terrific and this, too, needs positive direction and expression through a rewarding sex-life. However, the sexy element of this sign is often somewhat overstressed. It is vitally important to most Scorpios, and probably in an above-average way, but there are many other ways in which their energy can be directed, and as I have hinted, it is very often through the achievement of daunting objectives. 

Scorpio Sun Sign - Scorpio CharacteristicsIt is also true that this drive and determination can sometimes become obsessive, and it is important that the individual realizes that he or she may tend to become too involved. If this happens, other factors in life may be neglected, which might eventually lead to a kind of imbalance which is not healthy, either physically or psychologically. However, this in itself is probably preferable to the reverse situation inactivity caused by unemployment or some other reason not directly connected with the Scorpio himself. Restlessness, stagnation, and discontent are the greater evils.

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Scorpios are the natural detectives of the Zodiac. They make superb researchers, working scientifically or in libraries. Many engineers are Scorpios, as are prominent members of the armed services. The wine and oil trades are also attractive to Scorpios. From a purely physical point of view, this Zodiac type needs a lot of exercise, and many will enjoy demanding sports. Boxing, the martial arts in general, diving, and underwater swimming are all rewarding and popular.

Scorpio Physical Challenge

The Scorpio body-area is the genitals, and it may well be this connection that has given Scorpio the sexiest image of all the 12 signs. There is a vulnerability to throat infections due to the influence of the Scorpio polar sign, Taurus. 

Scorpio and the Family

Scorpios make demanding but exciting partners. They have a great love of life and never do things by half. They need partners with a similar attitude to life. Although many are of a wiry build, more tend to put on weight, usually due to good living, and this is something that needs conscious controlling. Alas, Scorpios do not find it easy to cut down in any way.

Scorpios want their children to be as energetic and as fulfilled as they are themselves, and will be demanding but inspiring parents. If the Scorpio child is the eldest, great care must be taken and attention paid so that when a younger brother or sister is born there is no cause for jealousy the worst Scorpio fault. But the children of this sign will achieve a great deal once they have become dedicated to some specific interest or subject, and such interests must be allowed to blossom.

Scorpio Sun Sign - Scorpio Characteristics


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