Moon In Scorpio: Scorpio as a Moon Sign


Moon In Scorpio: Scorpio as a Moon Sign

Moon In Scorpio: Scorpio as a Moon Sign

Sudden outbursts of emotion and the expression of powerful feelings occur when the Moon is in Scorpio. Certainly this creates an immediate impression, but it is one that can be very different indeed from the real person, who may have another set of characteristics totally different to the intensity and strength of Scorpio. 

Moon In Scorpio: Scorpio as a Moon SignNevertheless such people will achieve a great deal, and if making others sit up and take notice has anything to do with it, they score very high indeed. 

Here we have people of action who will respond with all their strength and energy. They can also inspire others to take action and get things moving, but they will do this by degrees in many circumstances, gradually adding the weight of their opinions and taking time to influence others or to get the better of opponents. 

Emotions will be powerful, and those close to them will soon learn when and under what kind of circumstances they will surface. 

Any situation which might provoke jealousy will certainly provide an opportunity for an emotional outburst. However, if these powerful sources of energy are controlled and positively directed, here is real inner strength indeed.


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