Sagittarius Rising Sign - Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius Rising Sign - Sagittarius  AscendantSagittarius Rising Sign - Sagittarius  Ascendant

Many Sagittarian qualities complement and enhance the characteristics of the individual's Sun-sign. They will, for instance, counter the somewhat heavier, practical side of the Earth signs, and give a longer-lasting enthusiasm and strength of will to those who have an Air Sun-sign. 

Those who have Aries or Leo as their Sun-signs fare particularly well, since here we have a sympathy which is automatically present when two Fire signs come together, and provided there is enough to "anchor" the personality, there should be little reason for serious conflict.

Sagittarius Rising Sign - Sagittarius  AscendantBut as always, the tendency to spread time and energy over too wide a field must be controlled. Care should be taken, too, that the inherent need for freedom does not get out of hand.

Love of challenge, which may not be taken up immediately but which will after due consideration be met with excitement and even joy, is very common, and it's as necessary for those with Sagittarius rising to have to stretch themselves intellectually and often physically through making their bodies function well, and keeping fit as it is for someone with a Sagittarian Sun-sign.

Basically, then, there is usually good potential when Sagittarius rises, and a keenness constantly to move forward in all spheres of life. If the individual feels thwarted, he or she has the ability to work out precisely why, and determination and the expenditure of excellent resources of emotion and energy will stand them in good stead.

The attitude towards partners and relationships is a lively, rather light one. Sagittarius rising will not allow themselves to be constrained by marriage or family commitments, and young mothers who have this placing must be sure to set aside some time for interests totally unconnected with the children.

Sagittarius Rising Sign - Sagittarius  Ascendant

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