Moon In Pisces: About Pisces as a Moon Sign


Moon In Pisces: About Pisces as a Moon Sign

Moon In Pisces: About Pisces as a Moon Sign

Because the Moon has a powerful effect on our emotions and intuitions, and because Pisces is a sign denoting a high level of both, the sign and the planet complement each other very well. 

Moon In Pisces: About Pisces as a Moon SignAnyone with Moon In Pisces as a Moon sign will have a high level of emotion and intuition, and both qualities will surface readily, especially when the individual comes into contact with suffering, cruelty, or poor living conditions. 

He or she will want to help, but to do so in a constructive and practical way will need to call upon the characteristics of the Sun- and Rising-sign. Yet again, the Moon can be seen to be the source of immediate response. 

When Moon In Pisces is the Moon sign the tendency to deceive to take the easy way out of difficult situations will be a constant temptation. The quick answer which is not precisely true, or a total untruth in some small, insignificant circumstance will be easiest, or so Moon in Pisces will think.

This is a "Moon fault" other levels of the personality will probably dislike. Conscious awareness of it is the way to grow out of it, as is of course the knowledge that it can lead to endless confusion in the long run but that has to be learned the hard way. 

The imagination should be recognized, and used creatively in some way, and the individual will then get a great deal that is truly positive from it.

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 Julia Parker is internationally known and respected in the field of astrology, not only because she has been President of the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, but even more so because she is the author of the international super-seller "The Compleat Astrologer" which was on the bestseller charts in the U.S., England, Brazil, and Japan. This article is excerpted with permission from "The Astrologer's Handbook" by Julia Parker, ©1995, published by CRCS Publications, PO Box 1460, Sebastopol, CA 95473. Tel: 707-829-0735; Fax: 707-793-9434.


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