Libra Sun Sign


Libra Sun Sign - Libra CharacteristicsLibra Sun Sign - Libra Characteristics


Libra Sun-sign: September 23 - October 23

Perhaps more than with any of the other signs of the Zodiac, the symbol for this sign the balance sums up very accurately the basic motivation and needs of the individual who has it emphasized in his or her birth-chart. Balance and harmony are crucial if Libra is going to function at all well, and it is the vital factor if they are going to live a fulfilled and satisfying life. 

Libras are not loners. They need to relate to other people in a well above average way and in all spheres of their lives, most importantly of course with a permanent partner. They have a great deal of love and affection to give to their lovers, and it is only when a stable relationship is cemented that Libras become psychologically whole and function to the full. Sometimes, however, this need is so great that they will commit themselves prematurely, and as a result suffer very considerably when things go wrong.

Libra Need a Great Deal of Reassurance

Libra Sun Sign - Libra CharacteristicsA peaceful existence is also an important priority and the theme of "anything for a quiet life" is a recurring one. Interestingly, however, Libras need a great deal of reassurance that they are being loved, and it is not uncommon for them to go in for "rocking the boat" tactics to get that particular reassurance. They will sometimes aggravate their partners and provoke a row because it is so nice when they make up afterwards. They may not care to admit that this happens, but it does, and it is all part of Libra's interesting but not uncomplicated set-up. But it is keeping the peace that they care most about, and this leads us to consider the possibility of their inherent indecisiveness. 

"Wait and see" is a constant cry. They will not commit themselves, and if the possible outcome of a firm decision might be marginally unpleasant or even more importantly unpopular with their partners, then the chances are that they will simply wait until the situation does not exist any more. It seems that the reason for this is that they do not want to upset their partners, and the whole thing is rooted in their inherent need for harmony. But Libra has great charm, and can achieve a great deal "all in good time". They are not to be rushed but are seldom late. Some astrologers consider them lazy, but I have not found this to be so.

Libra and the Family

Libras make easy-going parents, but will often pass the buck. A Libra mother will say "See what Daddy says, dear" rather than come up with a straight answer, which can be more than annoying to anxious, enthusiastic children. Libra children will break down even the toughest adult defenses, and will wind the strictest teachers round their little fingers.

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Libra Physical Challenge

Libra rules the kidneys and those strongly influenced by this sign could be prone to slight kidney disorders. If they suffer from headaches this could be the cause. But their well balanced lives and the balance is so important to them will usually ensure that they keep healthy.

When it comes to choosing careers, Libras do well as agents or in any role in which they have to negotiate between two people or groups of people. They should aim always to work in partnership, and could do splendidly in the diplomatic corps.

Spare-time interests most likely to appeal are those aligned to beauty, and which have in a sense a relaxing air to them. Music is often important; many Libras make excellent accompanists, for instance. Dress-making and all kinds of sewing are rewarding, while golf and bridge also come high on the list. Social dancing and tennis are also popular.


Libra Sun Sign - Libra Characteristics


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