Libra Rising Sign - Libra Ascendant

Libra Rising Sign - Libra AscendantLibra Rising Sign - Libra Ascendant

The need for a good, rewarding, and permanent relationship is paramount when Libra rises, and achieving this becomes an important part of the Libran's psychological motivation. But the need to express affection in an outward and immediate way is less in evidence. 

Libra Rising Sign - Libra AscendantDecisiveness or lack of it will be modified by the Sun- and Moon-signs, so that someone who has a powerful, rational, or very practical Sun-sign will be in a good position to bring those qualities into play at times of decision making, though it may well be that the individual, once having made up his or her mind, will often have second thoughts. 

There is a natural kindness and sympathy when Libra rises, but this does not necessarily weaken the individual. However, one interesting and unique factor is worth consideration. Between 1941 and 1957 Neptune made a long, slow journey through Libra. Those born with Libra rising at that time will have this planet very powerfully placed in their individual charts, so due attention must be given to it when assessing the characteristics of their Rising-sign. It could encourage them to take the line of least resistance, or if it works well, then these individuals will have considerable resources of inspiration and intuition to draw on. This factor is much stronger when Libra rises, than for those with Libra as their Sun-sign.

There is an additional influence, which works in relation to partnerships, when Libra rises. This centers on the Libran polar sign, Aries. There will be a forthright enthusiasm for, and energetic and particularly lively attitude towards sex, a keenness to make a go of permanent relationships, and a terrific will to work hard for and with the partner. The fire of Aries will sparkle indeed, and will be a delightful surprise to the subject and his or her partner once the relationship has got off the ground. Resentfulness is less likely to be a problem too.



Libra Rising Sign - Libra Ascendant

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Julia Parker is internationally known and respected in the field of astrology, not only because she has been President of the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, but even more so because she is the author of the international super-seller "The Compleat Astrologer" which was on the bestseller charts in the U.S., England, Brazil, and Japan. This article is excerpted with permission from "The Astrologer's Handbook" by Julia Parker, ©1995, published by CRCS Publications, PO Box 1460, Sebastopol, CA 95473. Tel: 707-829-0735; Fax: 707-793-9434.


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