Moon In Libra: Libra as a Moon Sign


Moon In Libra: Libra as a Moon Sign

Moon In Libra: Libra as a Moon Sign

The immediate response could well appear to be lackadaisical. There will be no rushing into sudden action, and the appearance of calm will be notable. 

Moon In Libra: Libra as a Moon SignPeople with the Moon in Libra are excellent in a crisis, since they do not panic; they will wait calmly until told what to do, then take action. They can also under such circumstances calm others who are scared or nervous. 

There is in such cases an element of bravery when the Moon is in Libra again something which probably relates to the Aries polar sign and it is useful. 

Kindness and a sympathetic response are also paramount: here is a good listener, someone who will at once try to make life easier for other people, a peacemaker at a moment's notice. This is the right person to calm two warring factors and to do a great deal indeed to ease any kind of strain. 

The most dominant factor is the air of peace that surrounds them. Maybe even more than a Sun-sign Libra, those with the Moon in that sign will speak in rather a drawling fashion, and steer a right-down-the-middle course in argument and debate.


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