Leo Sun Sign

Leo Sun Sign - Leo CharacteristicsLeo Sun Sign - Leo Characteristics

Leo Sun-sign: July 23-August 23

Leo, the lion, the king of the jungle, must of necessity have his or her own individual kingdom whether it is large or small. The ability of people with this Sun-sign to organize their own lives and the lives of others is paramount, as is their ability to lead. There is no doubt about it, a really flourishing Leo will make the most of this potential, sometimes stretching ability too far. There will be great satisfaction in inspiring others to make more of themselves, too, and in trying to impress upon them that the development of, and concentration on, talent is the best way to ensure a fulfilled and rewarding life. 

Leos Get as Much Out of Life as Possible

Leos get as much out of life as possible, and will always do things in as big a way as possible spending more money than they should sometimes simply to show off. When the individual is truly developed and has gained more experience of life, money will be spent freely because he or she really appreciates quality. As for those Leos who are not well off, they will much prefer a coffee in a five-star hotel to a meal in a cheap bistro.

Leo Sun Sign - Leo CharacteristicsThere is creative potential in all Leos, and the more it is expressed the better it is for them, psychologically. This does not necessarily mean that they will all be involved in the fine arts in some way, but that creativity, in the broadest sense of the word, must come into their personal scheme of things. They are ambitious perhaps for a better lifestyle than one suggested by the mere accumulation of money; a good lifestyle, for them, need by no means cost a great deal, though Leo will probably have to achieve quite a good financial backing in order to cope with what he or she finally wants to do.

While magnanimous, Leos are often accused of bossiness and not without reason. Inwardly they know that they are capable of organizing other people's lives far better than those others themselves, and find it quite difficult not to interfere. While there is a certain enjoyment in being "boss", it is also true to say that Leos will be willing slaves to someone whom they admire and respect. They need to be in a position of prominence themselves, however, if they are really to shine.

There is a natural sense of drama in every Sun-sign Leo, and they revel in it. They should not, however, just go in for making a fuss, creating scenes in public, but should use their dramatic sense to bring inspiration, light, and color into other people's lives. They should use this sense to set an example to those they come into contact with, and if they see that someone has improved their lifestyle, attitude, or any sphere of their life, then this will make Leo very happy, for every Leo believes that life is for the living, and to be enjoyed to the full. And they will work hard to achieve their ambitions, too, whether personal or career orientated.

Leos and Emotions

Enthusiasm and a positive, fiery emotion are very much part of the Leo personality, and are expressed vividly in the attitude towards sex and emotional relationships. Leos can inspire their partners to greater achievement, and will do much to make marriage and permanent relationships work well, but must certainly be careful not to dominate their partners too determinedly. Their real strength lies in positive support and the continuing development of their own and their loved ones' individual interests.

Leos and the Family

Leos make lively enthusiastic parents, encouraging their children to keep busy both in and out of school. They tend to expect too much from them, and must be very careful indeed to allow them to develop along their own individual lines and not to over influence them, especially where the choice of career is concerned.

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Leo Physical Challenge

The Leo body-area is the back. Many Leos have long straight backs and walk very well, but do tend to suffer from backache from time to time. Leo also rules the heart, so the circulation should be watched especially during cold weather, which most Leos do not like at all. It is quite common for Leos to have a real lion's mane of hair, and, also rather lion-like, they usually have small waists.

Leo Sun Sign - Leo Characteristics

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