Leo Rising Sign - Leo Ascendant

Leo Rising Sign - Leo AscendantLeo Rising Sign - Leo Ascendant

The well-known British astrologer Margaret Hone (who had Leo rising) used to say that the only thing to do when Leo rises is to keep it down. There does seem to be quite an element of truth in this statement, for Leo rising can, at times, make the individual autocratic a big fish in a small pond, and sometimes, too, someone who really will show off a great deal. But this usually happens when the person is unfulfilled, or perhaps lacking in confidence.

Leo Rising Sign - Leo AscendantThe true light of the individual Leo Sun is then not shining properly, and it really needs to, if he or she is to function properly and fully, and to feel that life is at all worthwhile. This is also true of someone who has a Leo Sun-sign, but there self-expression seems to come alive rather more easily and readily; when Leo rises, a more complicated process must take place if the individual is to come to terms with his or her potential and personality.

In emotional relationships, Leo rising needs a partner who is "different" in some way someone who has achieved or will achieve something out of the ordinary, someone whom the Leo rising personality considers really striking. Sometimes they expect too much from their partners, and will often go through some traumatic experiences, and maybe an above-average number of broken romances, before finally coming to terms with this sphere of their lives.


Leo Rising Sign - Leo Ascendant

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