Moon In Leo: Leo as a Moon Sign

Moon In Leo: Leo as a Moon Sign

Moon In Leo: Leo as a Moon Sign

The immediate response of anyone with the Moon in Leo will be to take situations into their own hands, and to cope very well, becoming a good source of inspiration to others. This ability is really a very natural one, and one which cannot usually be quashed.

Moon In Leo: Leo as a Moon SignProvided that there is conscious awareness that these extremely powerful responses and instincts should be controlled, those who have the Moon in Leo are capable of achieving a great deal. The taking of action, the immediate release of enthusiasm and emotion are really characteristic, because this placing causes others to "sit up and take notice". 

There is an above-average number of famous people with the Moon in Leo and most of them are capable, in one way or another, of swaying the masses. 

Because the immediate response to most situations can be likened to the lyric "Anything you can do, I can do better", the Moon-sign Leo gives the impression that he or she wants to come out on top, and indeed to "top" anybody else's actions or abilities. The bossiness of the sign at once emerges, hence this rather daunting reputation. 

A tendency to be autocratic and dogmatic must be controlled, as must the use of the big, sweeping statement (or indeed gesture), which other less self-assured and extrovert people may find unpleasant, or at the least somewhat embarrassing.

Moon in Leo people may well have to learn the hard way, for when they are young, the need to "make the right impression" has tremendous appeal. In reality, the "right impression" may simply appear as big-headedness, and be quite the wrong impression, lacking humility. 

The ability to cope in tricky situations and to do so with determination and immediacy is also a strong characteristic, and will no doubt be a considerable help.

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