Gemini Sun Sign

Gemini Sun Sign - Gemini CharacteristicsGemini Sun Sign - Gemini Characteristics

Gemini Sun-sign: May 22- June 21

Perhaps the most dominant Geminian characteristic is versatility. Gemini will never only be involved in one specialist area of one subject and will never get stuck in a rut. If, of necessity, he or she is forced into that position, they will suffer considerably not only from boredom something which they come near to fearing but more deeply psychologically, too. 

The ruling planet of Gemini, which is Mercury, gives them a powerful need to communicate at all levels, and more often than not it will be Gemini who will speak up when something is wrong, will write to the newspapers, or contribute to a "phone-in" on radio or television.

Gemini Tend to Always  Be in a Hurry

Gemini Sun Sign - Gemini CharacteristicsAt a more personal level, the need to communicate works well for Gemini because they have the ability to build up an excellent rapport with their partners, so that brooding and discontent are kept at a minimum. An air of activity surrounds most Geminians they tend always to be in a hurry   illustrated by their very distinctive, springy, fast walk. 

It is absolutely vital that from an early age Gemini should be helped to develop consistency of effort, because there is a strong tendency to be always moving on to some new interest or project, leaving a trail of unfinished tasks. While in many cases a little knowledge of a great many subjects can be of advantage to Geminians, it is good for them to have some kind of structured framework in their interests, in order that superficiality does not mar real progress.

Gemini and Emotions

Basically, Gemini is rational and logical, and when their emotions surface they sometimes mistrust them. However, the position of Mercury should be considered here. Its influence on Gemini is not entirely intellectual for this sign it has a personal and psychological significance. If the planet is in Taurus or Cancer a greater balance is achieved, while if in Gemini with the Sun the tendency will be to suppress or at least question the emotions and intuitions, which will be thought of as irrational and illogical.

The worst Gemini fault is superficiality, and if this can be mitigated by the development of deeper understanding and experience, the individual will have much to offer.

Many Gemini carve successful careers in all branches of the media: they make excellent interviewers, and the breadth of their interests allows them plenty of scope for expression and satisfaction. Careers in telecommunications and the travel industry are rewarding and suitable, and Gemini also make superb salesmen and women. Advertising is another field in which this lively Zodiac type will find fulfillment and success. They are also excellent in argument and debate, and very often, for sheer pleasure, provoke what they call "discussion" which usually turns into quite a verbal battle, with Gemini swearing that he never ever changes his mind.

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Gemini has very special needs in emotional relationships. Intellectual rapport and a high level of lively friendship is vital, and a partner who enjoys a varied sex-life which has scope for experiment. This Zodiac sign is flirtatious by nature, which makes Geminians great fun. They are usually fortunate enough to keep a youthful appearance, and on the whole tend to be slim, which puts them at a considerable advantage in many respects.

Gemini and the Family

An ability to keep up-to-date with new developments and the younger generation makes Gemini splendid parents no generation-gap problems here, indeed often the reverse is true, and some children seem older than their Geminian parents. The Gemini child should be encouraged to develop consistency of effort but never told to do "one thing at a time" they simply cannot function that way.

Gemini Physical Challenge

The Gemini body-area covers the shoulders, arms and hands which are accident-prone. The lungs too are Gemini ruled, so coughs should not be ignored. There is also an accent on the nervous system, and it is up to Gemini to find a satisfactory cut-out to counter tension and restlessness.

Gemini Sun Sign - Gemini Characteristics

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