Moon In Gemini: Gemini as a Moon Sign


Moon In Gemini: Gemini as a Moon Sign

Moon In Gemini: Gemini as a Moon Sign

Reactions to situations will be remarkably quick. Short, relevant answers to questions, witty responses, and a straight-to-the-point directness will do much to put the Moon in Gemini type way out in front. But it will be left to other planetary placings to help him or her to get the most from this excellent initial advantage. 

Moon In Gemini: Gemini as a Moon SignRestlessness, and the need for constant change, might become a problem, and the instinctive response will in no way be an intuitive or emotional one. On the contrary, it will spring straight from the most logical, intellectually orientated reasoning, and in a flash the individual will not only instantly grasp the situation, but be in a very strong position to use knowledge and experience, almost as if that in itself is instinctive rather than any deep-rooted intuition. 

A tendency to appear lacking in real interest and concern for other people is something that the Moon-in-Gemini type should be aware of and should watch. To do this, they should make a conscious effort to get involved in other people's projects and to listen to what they have to say, thereby adopting a more caring and sensitive attitude. They probably have that already, in reality, but could easily give the impression that this is not so, lively and positive though their responses will be. 

Deep concentration will not come easily or naturally, and this too is something that may need conscious development, using other planetary influences and that of the individual's Rising-sign.

There may be some lack of real depth of feeling, though this may well be countered by other planets' placings. 

Moon in Gemini contributes a lot that is positive simply because it is such a rational and logical influence.

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