Capricorn Rising Sign - Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn Rising Sign - Capricorn AscendantCapricorn Rising Sign - Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn rising gives considerable stability, and practical common sense second to none. According to the Sun-sign, however, there is often conflict between the positive expression of emotion, and its suppression. If other planets' placings indicate a high emotional intensity, it is up to the individual to learn to channel and control it, using Capricornian elements, and not simply to stop its flow at source, otherwise there will be quite serious complications.

Capricorn Rising Sign - Capricorn AscendantHere is someone who will almost inevitably be in a superb position to shape his or her life, and to plan it in an extremely careful and practical way, so that self-expression, through the utilization of potential from the individual's Sun-sign, will really blossom.

Capricorn rising must not underestimate himself. This can all too often occur and it is usually due to lack of self-confidence, or to genuine shyness, which can be somewhat style-cramping. 

Anyone with Capricorn rising should develop an interest in music. If they are creative, this might well be their individual art form, for in many latitudes when Capricorn rises the sign Taurus is "on the Midheaven" , and both these signs have affinity with music. Sculpture and architecture may also be of interest.

In emotional relationships, Capricorn rising will develop an extremely tender, sensitive, and caring quality once committed to a long-term emotional relationship, picking up here the influence of its polar or opposite sign in the Zodiac, Cancer. Thus the loyalty of Capricorn is enhanced, and the emotional level increased in the best possible way.


Capricorn Rising Sign - Capricorn Ascendant

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