Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn Sun Sign - Capricorn CharacteristicsCapricorn Sun Sign - Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorn Sun-sign: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn is the sign of the Goat. Here we have someone who is sure-footed and negotiates every obstacle with care but with a lively step. Only getting to the top will do, and a great deal of determination will be present in the character to help Capricorns every step of the way.

People with this Sun sign will not stride upwards without reflection, we must not forget that here is an Earth sign, and the influence of that element is ever-present. Every decision will be carefully taken, every challenge and opportunity carefully assessed, so that risks are minimal. The free-ranging mountain goat will then be able to use every bit of potential to the full, and feel that life is worth living.

Capricorn Sun Sign - Capricorn CharacteristicsBut what of the other half of Capricorn? Remember that the creature of the sign is only half goat. It has a fish's tail. Is this the "wet fish" side of Capricorn? Or the poor domestic goat, forever tethered to a post in the valley, and in no position to scale the mountain top? Both, I think, for in essence they are similar. A negative, hopeless attitude can make its presence felt with those of this sign. Many feel that they will never "get on" in life because there is so much against them. When this is the case, their friends and lovers must do their best to reassure them.

There Are Two Distinct Types of Capricorn

As I have said, there are two distinct types of Capricorn. Our lively "giddy" mountain goat, and our "wet fish", or if you prefer it, our "domestic animal". Basically it is not difficult to decide which category our Capricorn friends fall into, but what is interesting is the fact that they will from time to time reverse their roles, so that unexpectedly we will find the lively, positive, aspiring mountain goat making its presence felt in someone who tends in general to be negative in outlook, and we can get more than the odd grumble and moan from our surefooted, ambitious Capricorn friends.

One of this sign's most endearing qualities is its off-beat sense of humor. We find the most dour, serious-minded Capricorn suddenly making the most unusual and witty remark natural to them and a delight to others. Very often at such times they themselves will smile a grimacing kind of smile the corners of their mouths turned down rather than up an instantly recognizable characteristic.

Capricorn and Emotions

It is often the case that those born under this sign do not have a ready gushing flow of emotion. There is a tendency to coolness in love, for instance, and enthusiasm for new ideas may be somewhat muted by their typical matter-of-fact attitude. However, once committed in love they have tremendous loyalty, and while most young Capricorns will to a certain extent "play the field", on a more serious level they are usually discriminating.

Capricorns have on the whole very good powers of concentration, and long arduous study will pay off. Short cuts do not. There is, too a considerable sense of pride, and their inherent ambition will encourage them to aspire to move up the social scale. A desire to impress other people is also characteristic.

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Capricorn Physical Challenge

The Capricorn body-areas are the knees and shins, these are vulnerable, as are the teeth, skin, and bones. Capricorns make good athletes, and long-distance running and rock-climbing are sports that could well appeal. Individual effort can be more fulfilling than participation in team games; Capricorns do well on their own and can cope with loneliness far better than many Zodiac types.

Capricorn and the Family

Capricorn parents are eager for their children's progress and so will make considerable demands on them. Sometimes they can become somewhat remote from their children. They are very keen to carve a better life for them than they themselves had, and as a result they may become preoccupied with their own careers, and have less fun with their children than they might. Parents of Capricorn children should help them to develop warmth and sensitivity.

Capricorn Sun Sign - Capricorn Characteristics

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