Moon In Capricorn: Capricorn as a Moon Sign


Moon In Capricorn: Capricorn as a Moon Sign

Moon In Capricorn: Capricorn as a Moon Sign

Those with the Moon in Capricorn will react to situations and people very coolly and calmly indeed, perhaps to the point where an element of remoteness surrounds them. 

Moon In Capricorn: Capricorn as a Moon SignIn addition, they will want to come out on top, and may at times have a tendency to look down their noses at other people's suggestions. 

Here, however, the Capricornian off-beat sense of humor will assert itself, with a shrewd degree of truth, and an amusing turn of phrase. 

But there will also be the Capricorn tendency to grumble about anything that goes unexpectedly wrong: the lateness of the bus, the lack of certain items in the supermarket, and so on. Then, having had their moan, Moon in Capricorn will give way to their Sun- and Rising-sign characteristics, and will probably hate themselves for their instant, impatient reaction.

It is important for those with this placing to understand fully all the characteristics of Capricorn, and to discover just how these work for them on the instinctive level. Because so many are strong and powerful, they can get a great deal that is really practical and helpful from their Moon in Capricorn, since here, as in the case when Capricorn rises, is a good foundation to the personality. 

Their immediate reaction, for instance, will be an ambitious one. They will want to think and plan big. Let them go on from there. 

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But if Moon in Capricorn is making them fearful and apprehensive when someone puts an idea to them, then they should consciously try to overcome their lack of self-confidence, and to help them do so they must really convince themselves of the truth that they have many fine, aspiring qualities.


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