Cancer Sun Sign

Cancer Sun Sign - Cancer CharacteristicsCancer Sun Sign - Cancer Characteristics

Cancer Sun-sign: June 22 - July 22

Challenge a Cancer and at once you will see his or her natural self-defensive system come into play. The need to protect themselves and their loved ones is an extremely basic instinct with people of this Sun sign. Used positively it is marvelously helpful, but sometimes it can result in their becoming too easily annoyed, so that a slight "huffiness" is displayed at the mildest opposition. The need to protect and look after others is second nature, and indeed usually emerges at an early age; children of this sign are good at looking after wild birds or any creature that has been injured, and it is an excellent thing for them to do.

Cancer Sun Sign - Cancer CharacteristicsCancer are extremely tenacious and hard working once they have decided on a course of action, whether it relates to a life-long career or interest, or to some minor domestic task or project. The tendency to hoard is very strong, so much so that it is very easy for Cancerians to fill their homes with clutter, of which it is almost impossible to rid themselves.

The instinct and intuition of the Cancer is second to none, and is something that should be developed and used to the full. When a Cancer "feels" that something is going to happen, or instinctively "knows" what decision to make, the chances of their being right are very high indeed. Cancerians are unfortunately terribly prone to worry, and it is no good whatsoever to tell them to stop it. To counter this, they should follow their instinct and learn to put no psychological barriers between whatever is bothering them and this marvelous source of strength.

Cancer and Emotions

The Cancer emotional level is very high, and needs constructive channeling. Much emotion will be spent on lovers and children no generalization where Cancer is concerned. They also have an extremely powerful imagination, and this too needs careful consideration and control. The Cancer with no creative or positive outlet for these resources will find that they tend to become dominant. If any member of the family is late home, for instance, imagination will insist that disaster has struck, and there will be irrational worry the children's train has plummeted over a cliff, the car has crashed....

Cancer should use their imaginations, but in a creative way, perhaps by making beautiful things, telling bedtime stories to the children (and maybe going on to write them down), or becoming involved in some aspect of history or collecting the past is very much alive for most Cancerians.

Career wise, they do well in any of the caring professions. The hotel and catering trades are good areas, as is the Navy. Teaching is also a rewarding career for them, and there is many a Cancerian antique dealer or historian.

Cancer and the Family

Cancer make marvelous parents, though they can become too easily upset when the children leave home, and in general may be rather too clinging. They do, however, provide a marvelous home life and background in which children develop naturally and well, and those children will always feel that they and their own offspring will be welcome at home.

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Cancer make marvelously sensuous lovers, but must try not to be oversensitive. Their natural tendency to say rather harsh things can cause friction, and they in their turn become very easily upset if criticized. But their tenderness and warmth do a lot to stimulate good rapport between themselves and their lovers.

Cancer Physical Challenge

The Cancer body-area is the chest. This can be a vulnerable area, but as most Cancerians are prone to worry this too can affect their health mostly causing digestive problems, which may in themselves be a signal of worry, before the subject consciously realizes this.

Cancer Sun Sign - Cancer Characteristics

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