Cancer Rising Sign - Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Rising Sign - Cancer AscendantCancer Rising Sign - Cancer Ascendant

The powerful Cancer characteristics will be primarily directed towards the partner and family, and apart from the strong self-defensive system, may well not be at all obvious to those who come into contact with the individual on a day-today or casual basis. There will be considerable inner strength and determination, and certainly tenacity of purpose, with the attainment of objectives high on the list of priorities.

Cancer Rising Sign - Cancer AscendantThese Cancerians will tend to do even more than is strictly necessary for their families, sometimes to the point where they will even neglect their loved ones to work intensively in an attempt to build a better life for them. Care is needed in this respect, for it can cause a certain amount of conflict.

Perhaps one of the most powerful characteristics when Cancer rises is a shrewdness, which can be used in various ways. This is often apparent when it comes to business or finance, or may be applied to anything important to the individual.

The tendency to worry, and perhaps to keep problems to themselves, can cause difficulty; those close to someone with Cancer rising should try to pick up signals and to get them to "open up" and talk when something causes them deep concern. Again, this can affect general health in much the same way as with Sun-sign Cancerians. It is also often the case when Cancer rises that the skin is particularly sensitive, and if it is fair it does not respond at all well to the sun.

The underlying attitude towards the partner may, surprisingly, become a little cool and distant. People with Cancer rising like to feel proud of their partners, and will sometimes go for relationships with those who are of a higher "class" or are better off than themselves status can be quite important to them. Sexually, however, we get the same sensual expression as with those who have Cancer as their Sun-sign.



Cancer Rising Sign - Cancer Ascendant

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