Moon In Cancer: Cancer as a Moon Sign


Moon In Cancer: Cancer as a Moon Sign

Moon In Cancer: Cancer as a Moon Sign

Because the Moon rules Cancer and has such a powerful bearing on our instincts, intuition, and emotions, the Cancerian characteristics will be very strong indeed in someone with the Moon in this sign.

Moon In Cancer: Cancer as a Moon SignInstincts and intuition are such an integral part of this individual's personality that he or she must be consciously aware of the forces working within them, and on such an important part of their being.

Cancerian tenacity is perhaps even stronger when the Moon is in this sign, and persistence of effort and strength of will will make themselves felt. But Moon-in-Cancer types are not usually stubborn, and because of the need to respond kindly and in a caring way, they will at once attempt to bring other characteristics into play to counter any seemingly harsh initial reactions.

This is essentially a placing that augurs well for parenthood; but mothers who have these immensely powerful protective and caring instincts must make an effort not to become like clucking hens with their chicks.

Sweeping and very quick changes of mood are often present.

If individuals feel that they are psychic or have a "sixth sense", they should not smother this instinct, but allow it to develop in its own way. Then, if so inclined, they should seek proper training to enable them to get the best from it.

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However, controlling a near torrent of emotion and not allowing small problems to get out of perspective, is also extremely important to their physical and psychological well-being.


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by Julia Parker.

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 Julia Parker is internationally known and respected in the field of astrology, not only because she has been President of the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, but even more so because she is the author of the international super-seller "The Compleat Astrologer" which was on the bestseller charts in the U.S., England, Brazil, and Japan. This article is excerpted with permission from "The Astrologer's Handbook" by Julia Parker, ©1995, published by CRCS Publications, PO Box 1460, Sebastopol, CA 95473. Tel: 707-829-0735; Fax: 707-793-9434.


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