Aries Sun Sign

Aries Sun Sign - Aries CharacteristicsAries Sun Sign - Aries Characteristics

Aries Sun-sign: March 21 - April 20

Aries is known as the pioneer of the Zodiac, and Ariens like to be first. Those who have this as their Sun-sign are generally uncomplicated in their attitude to life. They plan straightforwardly, and convince the rest of us that there are no complications in what they suggest. They come straight to the point, and do not allow themselves to be held up by details or by boring or niggling problems. In this way they can achieve a great deal, provided they get plenty of back-up from others, assisting them to fill in the detail of their plans, while they themselves move on to achieve further objectives and become more involved with new and yet more fascinating plans.

sun sign ariesThe basic motivation of an Arien is to push ahead, and while it is not vital to them to be "top dog", they hate to lag behind their opponents. The out-in-front position is the truly rewarding one for them, and theirs is a very individual type of expression of ambition. They have plenty of determination which immediately comes to their aid once they have decided just what they want to do. An Arien who drifts mindlessly from one subject, job, or relationship, to the next (perhaps attempting to satisfy a need for a lively and varied sex-life) will be unfulfilled, and will feel restless and bored.

Ariens have to make a tremendous effort to learn to be patient, and some may have to accept the fact that they will never succeed, and will have to call on other levels of their personality to help counter this failing. (Having Mercury or Venus in Taurus will help, if Aries is the Sun-sign.)

Aries & Emotions

The dominant Arien fault, selfishness, must be recognized as early in life as possible, and it is essential to govern it. Guilt, often coupled with some kind gesture such as a small but attractive gift, will be the result when an Arien has behaved selfishly to friend or lover. Ariens are passionate by nature, and their enthusiasm for sex and the sheer enjoyment of it is communicated to their partners, who, if sympathetic to Arien needs, will get a great deal of pleasure from the relationship.

Ariens have a considerable reserve of emotion which surfaces readily, and in a very positive way. They make really lively parents, and as their children get older do not generally have too much difficulty in coping with the generation gap. Physical exercise is extremely important to them, and sport, or any activity which makes demands on their physical energy, is excellent for them. Like their emotional level, their physical energy level is high, and needs plenty of positive expression.

Ariens will spare nothing in expressing their natural enthusiasm, and at least once in their lives will take some action which would prove extremely daunting to other less assertive people, hence their reputation for bravery. They are motivated to achieve a great deal. Because Aries is a Fire sign, they have enormous warmth, which is endearing to those who like lively, positive, extravert types.

Ariens cope extremely well with working in a busy and even noisy environment. The solitude and quiet of an office away from easy contact with colleagues is not very satisfactory for them, so even those in superior positions will compromise in order not to become remote or out of touch with what is going on in their business or at work.

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Aries and the Family

Arien children will often feign laziness at school, because they are bored, and simply will not get involved in any subject that really does not interest them. They will cut out, drift off and think about their real interests, while the teacher fights a losing battle. It is therefore important for the parents of Sun or Rising-sign Ariens to nurture any interest that the young Arien expresses, and to make a special effort to keep his or her initial enthusiasm stirring, perhaps by gradually encouraging the child to take up ever more daunting challenges.

The competitive spirit is powerful in them, even from an early age, and you can appeal to this. If young Aries does not "win" come out on top he or she will not have an easy time; but any setback will definitely encourage greater concentration next time round. Provided Ariens have plenty of opportunity to burn up energy and keep to a busy, lively schedule, they usually remain healthy. They have good physical resources.

Aries Physical Challenge

The Arien body-area is the head. Ariens either get an above-average number of headaches, or none at all; and the cause of such headaches is usually either eye-strain or a minor kidney disorder. Their tendency to cut and burn themselves is considerable, because they are often unduly hasty and rather careless when handling sharp tools or hot dishes. Knocks and cuts to the head are often common. The influence of Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, in that sign is of well above-average importance when Aries is the Sun- or Rising-sign, and will color the basic motivation and have a psychological and personal influence on the individual concerned.

Aries Sun Sign - Aries Characteristics

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