Are You In Love with a Scorpio?

 Love with a Scorpio - Scorpio Compatibility and Scorpio Traits

Are You In Love with a Scorpio - Scorpio Compatibility and Scorpio Traits

If you are in love with a Scorpio man or woman, give him or her your full attention and devotion. Sharp as a tack, this person definitely notices everything. You will be able to keep no secrets here; this individual is an expert at ferreting them out. Truthfulness is well appreciated by this mate.

Emotions are extremely important to a Scorpio and you must be willing to explore the range (the valleys as well as the peaks) in order to keep this partner happy. Passionate and possessive, he(she) needs a lot of physical expression. This mate often even defines his(her) relationship to you by the amount of actual physical connection. If you are not interested in touchy-feely, you might want to look elsewhere for true happiness.

Love with a Scorpio - Scorpio Compatibility and Scorpio TraitsLoyalty is also very valuable to this individual as he(she) will want to look at you as being his(hers) alone. Should you stumble in this area, you may be forgiven but don't think that your Scorpio lover will forget (with such a sharp mind, little is forgotten). Of course, this works both ways and a more devoted mate would be hard to find.

You have in this partner an extremely strong personality. This relationship works best if you can maintain some of your own strength and keep things equal. Finding other arenas to excel in by yourself can also help here as very few signs can successfully compete with Scorpio. Don't ever try to force something on this mate, either; coaxing works better than brute force here. Be aware, too, that Scorpio's power is often of the hidden variety. You mustn't take this mate at face value only.

If you delight in challenges, enjoy the world of emotions and are also a sturdy and strong personality, you may have just your cup of tea here. This is one individual who is going places and, if you can keep up, would be happy to take you along.


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Love with a Scorpio - Scorpio Compatibility and Scorpio Traits

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