Are You In Love with an Cancer?

Love with an Cancer - Cancer Compatibility and Cancer Traits

Are You In Love with an Cancer - Cancer Compatibility and Cancer Traits

If you are in love with a Cancer man or woman, give him or her your understanding. This is a sensitive soul who needs to be brought out of the shell with attention and discussion. Patience is important here as often (but not always) this individual is quiet or shy. He or she will only share innermost thoughts after a great deal of trust has been established.

A Cancer lover is a deeply feeling person. Once you have secured his or her love, you will be placed first, above all others, in everything that you do. You will be expected to return the favor. Somewhat possessive, this man or woman is prepared to dedicate life to you and wants to know that you appreciate it.

Love with an Cancer - Cancer Compatibility and Cancer TraitsPassion is also extremely important here. Although you will be encouraged to keep the matter between the two of you, sexy underwear and satin sheets are a hit. Your pleasure is extremely important to this being's happiness so don't be afraid to explain what you like (diplomatically). And, return the favor by asking in kind.

This person is really a homebody and will work tirelessly to fluff up the nest. Preferring the company of the clan to large crowds, a Cancer lover is often willing to invest in a swimming pool or hot tub. Or, you do well when you share many sports or activities such as skiing, sailing, or bowling. A cabin on the lake or a mountainside condominium are also attractive to this man or woman; the only other necessity is to have you right by his or her side ....

This is one honey who can also be counted upon to help out with household chores. Dishes, dusting, sweeping, hedge trimming, and lawn mowing are almost akin to lovemaking (love of home) in his or her eyes. All you need to do is be 100% loyal and you will be treated like the King or Queen of the Castle. It's quite a small price to pay.


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Love with an Cancer - Cancer Compatibility and Cancer Traits

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