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Note: The author uses Sol and Luna instead of generic terms like "sun" and "moon" when referring to the two most important spheres in our solar system. Folk remedies, herbs, foods, micronutrients, and other substances and therapies are included as information and not as replacements for the diagnoses, advice, and treatments provided by competent wellness professionals.

With all but December's page torn from the calendar, the northern hemisphere drifts quietly into the twilight of winter. Daylight shortens, skirts lengthen, and that shiny, silver liquid inside each thermometer snails downward.

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the astrological signs which sup and sip on the essence of life served at winter's table. As the representatives of the final quarter of the zodiacal year, they signify an annual period of completion. A practical earth sign, Capricorn (December 22 to January 19) is the month when fanciful dreams become well-plotted schemes.

Capricorn, symbolized by the goat whose patient, steady climb is rewarded with a view from the loftiest mountain top, is governed by Saturn, the solar system's ringed giant. This sign begins its reign on the winter solstice, when nighttime's net is cast further than during any other 24 hour period. Born whilst the Sandman entrances the hibernating animal, slows the sap in trees, and suspends the seed beneath the ground in cold silence, the child of the Goat must make much out of little. Entering a world so depleted of living, green resources, the Capricorn who focuses intently on thriving rather than merely surviving emerges as the model of efficiency, prudence, and thrift. It took a son of Saturn like Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706) to proffer the adage that a "penny saved is a penny earned". Capricorns love to master the moment and set up systems which seem capable of lasting forever.

Because winter shortages summon forth the utilitarian in each of us, Capricorn's association with Saturn seems a natural one. The countless rings encircling this distant sphere symbolize the parameters within which each individual must love and labor throughout life. The circle has long been thought to embody perfection and remind us that things that matter most are timeless, having no apparent beginning, middle, or end. The "rings" of family, friendship, and community, and of profession and personal philosophy, are the ties that bind as well as broaden; the wedding band sets social limits at the same time that it ensures security within a lifelong partnership between soulmates.

Treading a narrow path does not necessarily confine one to a narrow point of view. Working in earnest to attain the exhilarating vision to be had only at the top, it is a wise Goat who devotes the necessary energy and time to attain mastery in a specified field. Sir Isaac Newton (January 4, 1643) and Steven Hawking (January 8, 1942) are but two Capricorns who have offered their respective contemporaries a more spacious universe to ponder.

While our range-roving Goats prefer a crown of clouds, they are usually found with their feet planted firmly on solid ground. William James (January 11, 1842) was the American philosopher, teacher, and psychologist who founded the school of pragmatism. Strongly influenced by ringed Saturn, the native of Capricorn seeks a well-organized, highly structured life. No small number of architects emerge from the sign of the Goat. Shah Jahan (January 5, 1592) built the Taj Mahal and ruled India during the golden age of Mohammedan architecture.

Because setting limits and providing structure is essential to the Capricorn, winter's first month is associated with the skeletal system and our largest organ, the skin. The Goat may also exhibit sensitivity in the areas of the hair, inner ear (hearing), teeth, and knees. On January 6, 1994, Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was violently assaulted on her right knee by a competitor's former spouse.

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Capricorn Plant Medicine

Nature has provided the Capricorn with a variety of plant foods and medicines to maintain optimum wellness. Kelp sea vegetables offer calcium to strengthen the bones and teeth. Acerola cherries provide an abundance of vitamin C, which works with collagen to maintain healthy skin, while the juice of another fruit, the strawberry, possesses a natural tooth cleanser. and other nutrient-dense

Useful herbs for our Goat include mullein (infused oil for ear discomfort and frostbite), horsetail grass (the silicon content supports tooth enamel, skin, hair, nails, and bone), and tea tree oil (used externally for acne). Because otitis media (middle ear infection), an allergy-driven ailment, places second only to the common cold in terms of what ails our children most, a vegan (total vegetarian) diet can benefit the young Goat by eliminating those allergic reactions commonly triggered by the consumption of the milk and flesh of animals.

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