Pisces Idealism and Revival of Spirit

Note: The author uses Sol and Luna instead of generic terms like "sun" and "moon" when referring to the two most important spheres in our solar system. Folk remedies, herbs, foods, micronutrients, and other substances and therapies are included as information and not as replacements for the diagnoses, advice, and treatments provided by competent wellness professionals.

As the twelfth and final spoke in the astrological wheel, it is up to Pisces to break things down into their subtlest forms. Governed by cloud-enshrouded Neptune, the sign of the Fish is associated with refined spiritual energies on the transcendent level, and with gases, base chemicals, and fossil fuels on the material level. The oil tanker, Exxon Valdez, was ripped open by a reef off the coast of Alaska on the Pisces/Aries cusp (March 24, 1989) causing the largest oil spill in American history.

By virtue of being the last chapter in the Book of Stars, Pisces is by nature an idealist; George Berkeley (March 12, 1685) and William Godwin (March 3, 1756) developed the philosophies of subjective idealism and Utopian anarchism, respectively. Forever wanting a happy ending by seeing the way that things could be, Neptune's child endeavors to float above things as they are. Untouched by the transient realities of the material world, the Piscean dreams the perfect dream, where everyone and everything is a starburst of love twinkling in the heavens above.

From the standpoint of wellness astrology, physical and anatomical rulerships start at the top of the body and work in a downward direction. Thus, Aries launches the zodiacal year and governs the head, while Pisces ends the annual cycle and rules the feet. The sign of Neptune is also associated with the lymphatic system. The lymph glands cleanse the body of toxic chemicals, and this process of physical purification parallels the Piscean wish to be perfect in spiritual ways. Last but certainly not least, the pineal gland is ruled by Pisces, and this tiny organ housed in the brain is responsible for producing melatonin and influencing a number of biorhythms.

The Month of Pisces

The essential oils extracted from a pair of plants already cited can be of great benefit to the native of Pisces. When fatigue strikes, slip out of your shoes and dip your feet into warm water to which has been added a dozen drops of lavender oil. Athlete's foot and other fungus-related ailments (e.g., vaginal yeast infections and ringworm) vanish when introduced to appropriately diluted amounts of Australian tea tree oil. The month of Pisces is clearly the prime time of the zodiacal year to discover the therapeutic benefits of foot reflexology, a healing modality also known as zone therapy.

Our immune system relies upon clean, well-functioning lymph glands. Lymphatic wellness is enhanced when we consume lemons, but degraded whenever we indulge in eating chemically-adulterated "junk foods". A number of herbs can move our immune systems toward peak performance, and these include echinacea, which reduces flu symptoms, and astragalus, which triggers immune-competent cells from the resting state into heightened activity.

Other herbs useful for the child of Neptune include cat’s claw, perhaps the best herb of all for strengthening our immune system, and goldenseal, which acts as an effective antibiotic against organisms responsible for outbreaks of pneumonia, candida, and staph and strep infections.

Often referred to as our "third eye," the pineal gland is considered by some to be our psychic organ. If, indeed, the body possesses a conduit to the spiritual world, then we can enhance pineal functioning by turning to purple loosestrife herb tea as well as the fruit of the papaya.

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The Winter's Trio

In summary, winter's trio of astrological signs brings the zodiacal year to a close and our long-term projects to completion. With master plan in hand, the CapriGoat confidently assails the most formidable mountain to win the ultimate perspective: the rarefied view from the top. Here and here alone, high above darkened valleys, we are illuminated and enlivened with light from sunrise to sunset. But as time wears down the highest hill and the mightiest mansion, there is a need for us to constantly nurture and consciously direct the transformative power inherent in change. The Aquarian angel, following the Uranian dictate to spin against the grain of tradition, refreshes and renews in his turn while pointing the way toward emerging peaks worthy of being conquered. The stage now set for a revival of spirit, Pisces adds a pious element to the processes that move forever the wheel of life toward higher, holier ground.

Our Saturn-ruled skeletal system is a scaffold rising heavenward in support of that flesh-and-blood dream known to the rest of creation as the human being. As the only nerve tissue protruding from the inner workings of the body, the Uranus-governed eyes measure seasonal variations in sunlight and quickly transmit this data to the pineal gland via the optic nerves. It is at this sensitive point in the brain that Neptune's loftiest vision takes hold, bridging both dense and subtle realms while regulating the hormonal rivers which flow from this tiny yet vital organ belonging to both body and soul. From our stone-like bone to the might inherent in our inner light, the human being is charged with protecting Earth and all that dwell therein. It is only when we harness will with a higher purpose that we can ascend life's stairway toward the capstone of creation's pyramid. In that most holy of places we become every zodiacal animal, magically wrapped together in the oneness of being.


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