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Note: The author uses Sol and Luna instead of generic terms like "sun" and "moon" when referring to the two most important spheres in our solar system. Folk remedies, herbs, foods, micronutrients, and other substances and therapies are included as information and not as replacements for the diagnoses, advice, and treatments provided by competent wellness professionals.

Discounting Sol, Jupiter is our largest extraterrestrial neighbor. As such, it governs the liver, which is the body's largest vital organ. The planet of Jove and its sign, Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21), also reign over the gall bladder, hips, thighs, and coccygeal vertebr' (i.e., the tailbone). One can easily assume that a sphere as massive as Jupiter might be slow to effect a day/night cycle. On the contrary, this giant ball comprised of a liquid core and a deep, gaseous atmosphere spins faster (under 10 hours) than every other member in the solar system's family.

Natives of Sagittarius, as well as of Gemini (May 21 to June 21), the sign opposed to the Centaur, often exhibit the Jovian traits of expansive thinking, philosophical speculation, and musing over spiritual and religious matters. This is the zodiacal month that lures us out of our limited perspectives and beyond the familiarity of our home bases. Astrologically speaking, June and December belong to the traveler, and most especially to the pilgrim seeking both adventure abroad and illumination from within.

While walking and jogging on a regular basis provide substantial health benefits, a surprising number of Sagittarian and Geminian automotive pioneers have sought to ease the burdens of moving from place to place. The machines of motion fashioned by Karl Benz (b. November 25, 1844), twins Francis and Freelan Stanley (b. June 1, 1849), and Horace Elgin Dodge (b. on the Taurus/Gemini cusp on May 17, 1868) replaced the horse -- humanity's most common beast of burden and the totemic animal of the Sagittarian Centaur -- with horse power. As the Age of Pisces (sign of fossil fuels) steps aside for the two-thousand year reign of Aquarius (sign of electricity, and the month opposite Leo, sign of Sol and solar power), our means of moving from point A to point B will undoubtedly be more benign to the living environment. Still, no vehicle will ever best a walk among those trees which grow farthest from humanity's highways and byways.

Whether homebound or on the road, December's child must nourish those physical parts governed by Sagittarius with the best plant foods available.

  • Fresh tomatoes and young dandelion greens cleanse the liver.

  • Black raspberries have been used when liver congestion occurs.

  • In times past, beets provided a folk remedy for jaundice.

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  • Medicinally, milk thistle stands tallest among the herbs used to ease Sagittarian complaints. The seeds provide silibinin, a substance so supportive of liver wellness that it improves the condition of that organ even when ravaged by alcohol. Many emergency rooms in German hospitals keep injectable preparations of silibinin on hand for treating acute liver poisoning.

During the fall quarter we yearn to love those with whom we have learned to live. Our individual egos are dissolved in a sea made tranquil by mutual devotion. Lifelong bonds of love lead to a regeneration of both the physical and transcendent self. Our magical transformation sends our souls on a pilgrimage in search of truths greater than ourselves. In addition to being that time of year when colorful leaves tumble from yawning trees, autumn is that zodiacal season blessed with the soothing balm of love, the power of change, and the promise of growth.


copyright 1999 by Ted PanDeva Zagar, Wellness Astrologer

NOTE: This article was first published in ASTROLORE, an astrological magazine published quarterly in Britain.

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