Mercury Retrograde Cycle Alert

When Mercury moves away from Earth in its orbit around the Sun, it is said to be moving in direct motion. When Mercury approaches earth, it appears to move backwards in the heavens, and when this occurs, it is called Apparent Retrograde Motion. This usually lasts approximately three to four weeks, every three months.

Generally, the Mercury retrograde cycle should be looked upon as a type of preparatory phase for any particular new project you may be planning. For example it is felt that one should avoid initiating important new communications and/or plans to relocate during this time. If circumstances require you to begin certain appointments, intermittent travel, or relocation during this time period, I would advise you to double check all arrangements. Be extra observant concerning the details of all plans.

Going Direct

As Mercury approaches its Stationary Direct you will find that many of your plans, communication, and projects will suddenly spring to life and take on enhanced power and significance as Direct Motion starts again.

A New Look at Mercury RetrogradeRecommended Book:

A New Look at Mercury Retrograde 
by Robert Wilkinson.

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About The Author 

Howard Clemons has been a master astrologer for the past 24 years. Howard can be reached at: P.O. Box 190065, Miami Beach, FL, 33119-0065. 

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