The Planets in Retrograde


The Planets in Retrograde
Mercury retrograde and others

by Salvatore

Generally, when a planet is retrograde it is a time to get in touch with the energies of that planet within ourselves.

  1. Mercury deals with the way our mind works. 
  2. Jupiter deals with the philosophies and beliefs we live by. 
  3. Uranus deals with what we consider to be important regarding our personal freedom and the area of our lives where we want to break free of tradition.
  4. Neptune wants us to take a more spiritually guided approach to life. 
  5. Pluto wants us to heal and let go of old issues, both of this life and past lives.

It would be beneficial if you knew where in your life these planets are asking you to use their energies. It can be an empowering experience, once you understand what you need to be doing in order to stimulate and assist your own healing as well as your personal evolution.

Mercury retrograde

Reviewing recent repairs to our cars, letters we are ready to mail, discussions we are about to have, are positive ways to use this energy. 

The key phrase during a Mercury retrograde is to review before you act. After your review, you may find it inappropriate to do anything at this time. It may be better to hold off until after Mercury turns direct. 

Within ourselves, this is an opportunistic time to review our thinking process and make any adjustments that can improve our communication skills.

I would advise anyone to wait until after Mercury goes direct to ensure a satisfactory purchase, as well as one free of defects. 

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Salvatore Candeloro is a professional astrologist, a channel, a lecturer, workshop/seminar leader and a spiritual counselor. He has a full time practice both in New Jersey and Miami. Salvatore uses astrology to assist individuals find their potentials as well as heal their mental, emotional and physical bodies. To contact Salvatore write: 1136 Roosevelt Ave., New Milford, NJ 07646 or 641 Espanola Way #11, Miami Beach, FL 33139.



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