Attached is an astrology chart of the United States, the country officially "born" at 5:13 p.m. July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the center circle, and around and encasing that chart is the chart of the approximate time of the attack of the Pentagon in Washington DC today, September 11, 2001 at 9:38 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

The main thing to note is that transiting Pluto is located at the Ascendant point of the USA chart, which is the point at the far left of the circle (equivalent to East on a compass).

Pluto is in the final quarter of about a year long process of making a transit of the Ascendant of the chart of the United States. The exact dates of the exact transit are December 11, 2000, July 13, 2001, and October 3, 2001 but this transit time is a somewhat longer process covering time before, after and between the exact transit days.

What does this mean?

Pluto takes 284 years to make its? cycle around the sun, and consequently circle the zodiac. Thus this Pluto transit year is the first and only time in the USA?s 225 year history that Pluto has made a transit of the Ascendant point.

Pluto is a planet which has an astrological significance of profound destruction and, in the wake of that chaos, potential for renewal and rebirth.

The Ascendant is the point in the USA?s astrology chart that refers to the identity or personality of the country, its? public image, and the direction of its? soul growth.

When Pluto moves through the zodiac and is in the same astrological spot as the birth Ascendant there is great possibility of destruction and consequent shift for the country. The transit signifies power struggles, and it signals that what the USA stands for is about to go through radical transformation. A Pluto transit such as this is also a time that secretive and subversive elements of society may take, and indeed have taken, action bringing their hidden plots to public awareness.

When Pluto transits the USA?s ascendant, as it does now, the dark side of the USA is brought to light as well.

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The USA has been an inspiration for democracy around the world over its? 225 year history and has fought and been victorious in the struggles for many worthwhile causes. However, it is not a paragon of virtue.

As the USA appears today to be attacked and controlled, the Pluto transit cycle reflects the unacknowledged chauvinistic nature of America, including the way it engages in political policy which restricts the freedom of other nations. Because the USA government does not acknowledge its? "shadow", and ameliorate negative results of its? controlling patterns in the world, it attracts from the outside a force which acts with violence towards the symbols of its? identity and power.

The upshot of a Pluto transit is tremendous change. This change may include the end of democracy as we have known it, as the USA may begin to take emergency measures to put the country under a form of martial law where the traditional democratic freedoms associated with the identity of the USA are curtailed.

The resolution of this crisis is not only the identification and punishment of the parties involved in the attacks, and the reduction of their organizing group?s power. Nostradamus and the Bible have predicted many centuries ago great downfall of the world based on unresolved conflict in the Middle East.

An enlightened resolution of what today?s attacks represent, which could bring forth the positive renewal aspect of this transit, involves the necessary concerted effort of the world?s democratic nations for renewed intensive talks to create diplomatic solutions to the many conflicts that comprise the brewing Middle East crisis before things deteriorate further.


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