Horoscope Week: September 9 - 15, 2019

Horoscope: September 9 - 15, 2019

Horoscope: September 9 - 15, 2019

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Highlighted Aspects for This Week
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.
MON: Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus
TUE: Sun opposite Neptune
WED: Uranus opposite Pallas Athene
THU: Mars square Jupiter
FRI: Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Pluto, Mars opposite Neptune, Full Moon 9:32 p.m. PDT (4:32 a.m. GMT on Saturday)
SAT: Mercury enters Libra, Venus enters Libra

WITH FOUR PLANETS in Virgo right now, we feel a strong pull to get tasks accomplished, to make necessary improvements, and to manifest concrete results for our efforts. For the most part, we can clearly see what needs to be done. Our capacity for discernment should be heightened, and our analytical qualities as well.
And yet, even if we've done our best to efficiently and effectively complete all the chores on our list, there have been--and continue to be--some obstacles in the way, courtesy of Jupiter and Neptune.
Jupiter is in square aspect to the four planets in Virgo, indicating that distractions can interfere with our progress. At the same time, Neptune is in opposition to the Virgo cohort, representing a level of confusion or disillusionment that may be blurring our focus.
THE ARRANGEMENT of these planets--the four in Virgo 180 degrees away from Neptune, and those five planets all 90 degrees away from Jupiter--forms a configuration that astrologers call a mutable T-square. (Here's a rough drawing that shows exactly how it got that name.)

T-Square Configuration:
T-square Configuration by Pam YounghansA  mutable T-square offers a special challenge for us to work with. Here's what astrologer Bil Tierney tells us in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis:
"The stress generated by a mutable T-square can be taxing to the nervous system (often due to over-stimulation), as well as disruptive to thought processes. There is a tendency to spread oneself too thin by having too many intermittent interests."
In other words, it will be important to take the time to pause this week, to allow there to be space between breaths, and to rest between activities.
JUPITER is at the apex (the foot) of the T-square, which gives us added information to work with. We will need to be aware when our desire for expansion tempts us to skip necessary, practical steps in the process. Again, from Mr. Tierney:
"The urge to have instant wisdom, speedy enlightenment, or special privileges without having to exert much effort to merit them is often a central problem."
Perhaps all the planets in hardworking Virgo will help us apply ourselves, so that we can harvest the benefits of the configuration:
"When the tension of the T-square has been resolved, we are motivated to whole-heartedly support the progress of a socially-elevating cause. We can play an important part in helping others understand the creative life principles guiding human evolution along a path of even greater inner enrichment."
Basically, if we keep a good head on our shoulders, and avoid the pitfalls of cutting corners or trying to go too far too fast, there can be some real advantages to this T-square. The effects will be strongest on Tuesday, the day that the Sun exactly opposes Neptune, and again on Thursday and Friday, when Mars is exactly opposite Neptune and square Jupiter.
FRIDAY'S FULL MOON is in mystical Pisces, amplifying our idealism, as well as our spiritual and creative yearnings. It occurs at 9:32 p.m. PDT, when the Moon is at 21°05′ Pisces. At the time of the lunation, the Moon is conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter, activating the T-square influence we've just been discussing.
The Moon is also aligned with the fixed star Omega-2 Aquarii for this Full Moon, focusing the influence of that star into our experience. Here's what Roderick Kidston writes about "O2Aqr" in his book The Magic of the Stars:
"This is one of the more helpful stars, and at its best it offers true blessings. There is a strong healing dimension with this star, which can express on many levels. It is as much about balm for the soul as the body, perhaps almost more so, but it can be about improving things in the material world, too.
"O2Aqr will heighten your sensitivity and may throw major challenges at certain points, but if you face them without flinching and look for skillful ways to manage, all will be well. Mindfulness practices will help, or simply focusing on the now and doing whatever is in front of you. With O2Aqr, often the simplest choices are best. If you go with the flow here, sooner or later it will all flow in the most perfect possible way."
Similar to the advice for the mutable T-square, this star tells us to take our time and be present in the moment, to not scatter our energies too widely. These appear to be the essential keys to the improvements that we seek right now--that we take one step at a time, purposefully, mindfully, and with faith.


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your self-concept is undergoing an important shift this year. Old agendas are losing their importance, and at times you may wonder who you really are--especially if you've defined yourself by your work or your ability to find solutions. As you let go of the need to know all the answers, you are learning new levels of trust and faith, as well as the importance of listening to the voice of your intuition and inner guidance. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mars, square Jupiter, opposite Neptune, trine Pluto)

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Pam YounghansPam Younghans is a professional astrologer, editor, and writer. She lives in a log home northeast of Seattle, Washington with her beloved animal companions. She has been interpreting charts professionally for over 25 years. If you are interested in an astrology reading, e-mail [email protected], or leave a message at 425.445.3775. For more information about NorthPoint Astrology offerings, please visit northpointastrology.com or visit her Facebook page.

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