Horoscope Week: December 3 to 9, 2018

Horoscope Current Week: December 3 to 9, 2018

Horoscope: December 3 to 9, 2018

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Highlighted Aspects for This Week

All times listed are Pacific StandardTime. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours.

MON: Mercury trine Chiron
WED: Sun square Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus
THU: Mercury stations direct 1:22 p.m., New Moon 11:20 p.m.
FRI: Mars conjunct Neptune, Mars semisquare Uranus
SAT: Chiron stations direct 11:52 p.m.
SUN: Mercury trine Chiron

WE GAIN a deeper understanding of our wounds and fears this week, and can also make progress in their healing. On Monday, Mercury in Scorpio is exactly 120 degrees away from Healer Chiron in Pisces, placing them in a trine aspect with each other. This supportive aspect enables us both to more fully comprehend the source of unresolved pain and then to release the burden of those hurtful memories, either through journaling or through sharing our feelings with a trusted confidant.

Most times, an aspect between Mercury and Chiron would be in effect for just a day or two -- but the effects of this trine will actually be with us throughout the week. This is because both Mercury and Chiron are completing their retrograde phases this week, and so are moving very slowly. This allows them to linger within orb (effective range) of the trine aspect, continuing to activate its energies. Then, after Mercury goes direct on Thursday and Chiron goes direct on Saturday, the two will then come back into exact trine on Sunday.

This could be a powerfully therapeutic week, if we take advantage of the opportunity to be fully present with ourselves and with our feelings. Compassionate attention is step one. Step two is then to forgive and release the past, which will liberate us from the old wounds and allow us to experience a new future.

THIS MONTH'S NEW MOON occurs on Thursday, just ten hours after Mercury goes direct. For this lunation, the Sun and Moon align at 15°07′ Sagittarius, at 11:20 p.m. PST (7:20 a.m. GMT on Friday).
The most significant component of the New Moon chart is the involvement of Mars and Neptune. These two planets symbolize very different themes -- god of war Mars represents independent action and the force of personal will, while god of the oceans Neptune serves as our guide to oneness, compassion, and ebb and flow of creative or spiritual tides. At the time of the lunation, these two planets are tightly aligned, just 11 minutes away from being at the exact same degree of Pisces. And, both are in close square aspect to the Sun and the Moon.
WHEN TWO PLANETS with such different inherent natures are aligned, the effects of their joining can be quite varied. In the positive, we can find renewed energy for our spiritual journey or a creative endeavor. We could also choose to fight passionately for an ideal or spiritual value. In our personal lives, we could find it easier to do the Mercury-Chiron healing work, since Neptune can help us let go of old animosities (Mars).
On the other hand (and yes, there's always another hand), planets in an alignment can each inhibit the other's effects. With Mars and Neptune, there can be a softening of our vital energy. This may be helpful when we're trying to release anger and attachment, but not so conducive to getting work done. We'll also need to be careful that we are truly letting go of old resentments, not just sweeping them under the rug and then acting passive-aggressively (a common problem with Mars-Neptune). 
The other issue that can arise with Mars-Neptune -- and one that will be of particular concern in our new lunar cycle -- concerns "truth, lies, and videotapes." With Mars-Neptune closely square the Sagittarius New Moon, some will find it easy to be deceptive, or to gloss over the truth for the sake of something they firmly believe in. This can even occur on the level of what we tell ourselves, so be sure to ground yourself in reality – or get a second opinion – before making any decisions of consequence.
THE NEW MOON is aligned with the fixed star Sarin, whose influence neatly ties in with the more positive expressions of the Mars-Neptune alignment. Astrologer Roderick Kidston writes that Sarin is one of the stars of the constellation Hercules. He explains that:

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"Hercules stars are about developing strength and finding some sort of vision or hero quest, and Sarin seems to be one of the nobler and more helpful stars in this regard. There are times when Sarin seems like a guardian angel at your elbow, invisibly steering you on the right course."

But, interestingly, Mr. Kidston also seems to reference some of the less evolved manifestations of Mars-Neptune in his discussion of Sarin:

"At its best, Sarin can help you to reach your highest potential. Of course, the energy can be wasted or compromised if you don't make much effort, or if you are tempted to misdirect it. But if you work harmoniously with the refined and refining energies of Sarin, they will take you far."

ONE MORE NOTE about the astrology for the week, and Thursday's New Moon in particular -- both the Sun and Mars are activating the effects of the upcoming Uranus-Neptune semisquare. This longer-term aspect is in effect for about two years, starting in August 2017 and completing in May 2019. It will be exact for the fourth time next week, on December 15.
This challenging semsquare represents the pressure of these times that are calling us to expand our consciousness (Uranus) and our compassionate heart (Neptune). Events occurring now are connected in subtle (or not-so-subtle) ways to eye-opening developments in the early 1990s, and especially 1993. Now we are required to wake up to a new level of awareness, to take our next evolutionary step.
With the Sun and Mars so active in the New Moon chart, and triggering the effects of this Uranus-Neptune semisquare, this new lunar cycle will have a major role to play in enhancing self-awareness and in initiating new levels of consciousness expansion.
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your natural urge to expand and explore is heightened this year. The challenge will be to keep your senses about you, for it will be easy to leap without looking, based on the inspiration of the moment and the power of your belief. Your intuition and higher wisdom are your trusted companions as always, but make sure that you are on the right road before speeding off. If you take your time and are purposeful in your actions, there is great opportunity for profound growth, intellectually and spiritually.

About the Author

Pam YounghansPam Younghans is a professional astrologer, editor, and writer. She lives in a log home northeast of Seattle, Washington with her beloved animal companions. She has been interpreting charts professionally for over 25 years. If you are interested in an astrology reading, e-mail [email protected], or leave a message at 425.445.3775. For more information about NorthPoint Astrology offerings, please visit northpointastrology.com or visit her Facebook page.

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