Horoscope Week: November 26 to December 2, 2018

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Horoscope: November 26 to December 2, 2018

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Highlighted Aspects for This Week

All times listed are Pacific StandardTime. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours.

MON: Mercury square Mars
TUE: Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter
WED: Venus quincunx Chiron, Venus square Node, Jupiter semisquare Pluto
THU: Saturn sextile Ceres, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune
FRI: Venus opposite Uranus
SAT: Mercury re-enters Scorpio, Jupiter biquintile Uranus
SUN: Mercury quincunx Uranus, Venus enters Scorpio, Sun square Mars

WE ARE DRAWN into reflection this week, due in part to retrograde Mercury being a prominent participant in the week's proceedings. The Messenger Planet sets up circumstances that compel us to review and rethink all that has transpired recently. As we ponder the past, we are being given the chance to re-imagine and reshape our future. We will have the opportunity to implement the awareness we gain once Mercury again goes direct on December 6 -- the same day as our next New Moon.

Monday's Mercury-Mars square is an indicator of tension and irritation. With this aspect, it is tempting to judge ourselves or others (Mercury in Sagittarius), especially if we feel there has been too much passivity or lack of direction (Mars in Pisces). The effects of this square get stronger throughout the day, as Mercury and the Sun get closer to their alignment, which occurs in the very early hours on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we can expect more of same -- but even more amplified, thanks to Mercury's alignment with the giant planet Jupiter. But at the same time, we have a Mars-Saturn sextile in effect, which should help us focus our scattered intentions.

WE ARE ALSO WORKING with the more significant influence of a Jupiter-Pluto semiquare this week, a longer-term aspect that perfects on Wednesday. With this being a hard aspect, we need to explore the challenges it represents, and the hoped-for learnings it will provide.

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In one corner of our boxing ring, Jupiter in Sagittarius wears a robe of many colors, representing the expansion of our experience to encompass many cultures and life perspectives. As Jupiter travels through its own sign, our desire to find meaning in our life experience is magnified. We feel encouraged to follow a dream, to live according to our philosophical ideals, and to gain freedom from restrictive beliefs and oppressive propaganda.

In the other corner of the ring, Pluto in Capricorn wears robes of somber black and gray, symbolizing the controlling and coercive potentials of governments and social institutions. Ultimately, Pluto in Capricorn reveals the dark underside of ambition and power, leading to major transformations in the structures of society. Until that shift occurs, we become increasingly aware of the shadow, and of people in positions of authority who have feet of clay.

As these two planets face off this week, there may not be a knock-out, but punches will be thrown.

RELATIONSHIPS AND ALLIANCES are center stage when the third and final Venus-Uranus opposition occurs on Friday. This disruptive aspect has already occurred twice in recent months, on September 12 and October 31. It symbolizes the breakdown of a bond. Friends, lovers, associates, or countries that were once considered inseparable now find themselves eager to part ways.

It is interesting to note that Venus was in Scorpio and Uranus was in Taurus for both of the prior aspects. Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs, and often stubbornly refuse to budge from the familiar. But for this final opposition, both planets are in cardinal signs: Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Cardinal signs initiate new processes and look forward, not back.

This shift in modalities alters how the dynamics of the opposition unfold, and brings about movement that had previously been blocked. Conflicts will likely play out in the courts, since Libra rules the law, while Aries rules individual rights.

RETROGRADE MERCURY re-enters Scorpio on Saturday for just a brief two-week stay. When a retrograde planet returns to the sign it recently left, we have to assume that there are greater purposes at play. Mercury in Scorpio is adept at uncovering secrets and investigating the truth of any matter. No doubt there is more information, that still lies hidden, that must be revealed before we can move forward again.

Also on Saturday, a creative biquintile between Jupiter and Uranus occurs. This aspect is generally uplifting, helping us break out of old habits and be open to new experiences, new insights, and new life perspectives.

These new ideas could be significant and potentially life-altering. A Mercury-Uranus quincunx aspect that is in effect Saturday night and Sunday morning indicates the adjustment we'll need to make on a mental level to accommodate the new beliefs.

HONESTY AND INTIMACY resurface as topics of interest when Venus returns to Scorpio on Sunday. Having experienced Venus in this sign for most of September and all of October, we may feel like we're back in familiar territory. But Venus has completed its retrograde phase and is now looking to the future, ready to apply what it has recently learned about self and other. We will continue to deepen our understandings about what we value and who we love while Venus moves quickly through Scorpio (until January 7). 

A contentious Sun-Mars square is also in effect on Sunday, so it could be a rather challenging day for any kind of mutual effort. In many ways, this aspect will repeat the themes that began the week, when Mercury was square Mars. Opinions are strong and yet we can find it difficult to be direct, choosing instead to act passive-aggressively. Built-up tension is released explosively around the time of the Moon-Pluto square (5:30 p.m. PST), so this would be a good time to punch a pillow or go for a power walk.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You feel the power of your beliefs this year, and yet may find it difficult to channel your energy productively. To gain insights into how to proceed, tap into one of your greatest resources -- your ability to take compassionate action, often in response to a deep emotional commitment, such as to family or to others about whom you care deeply. As you find appropriate outlets for your inspirations, you find renewed joy and personal fulfillment. Using your skills of communication -- whether in writing, teaching, speaking, or listening -- will also enhance your sense of meaning this year.

About the Author

Pam YounghansPam Younghans is a professional astrologer, editor, and writer. She lives in a log home northeast of Seattle, Washington with her beloved animal companions. She has been interpreting charts professionally for over 25 years. If you are interested in an astrology reading, e-mail [email protected], or leave a message at 425.445.3775. For more information about NorthPoint Astrology offerings, please visit northpointastrology.com or visit her Facebook page.

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