Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon

Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon

The Moon is new in the 15th degree of Gemini at 3:01 a.m. UT on 5th June 2016. Conjunct Venus and at the apex of a Yod formed with Pluto and Black Moon Lilith, this New Moon augurs unexpected developments that may surprisingly ease progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite!

Take nothing at face value right now. Remember, the universe is born of its own design, our perceptions of which are unavoidably shaped by circumstances and our judgements about them. We simply cannot see the whole picture and much is destined to remain a mystery. Events around the time of this Moon catalyse movement on an old concern, but in a new direction. Be prepared, therefore, to welcome new beginnings in the initial guise of obstacles and/or unanticipated developments.

This New Moon Nourishes Our Inherent Bodily Wisdom

We may seek certainty, insight, knowledge and power at this Moon, forgetting that true power lies in embracing the mystery and our state of unknowing. In doing so we unlock the alchemy of surrender which enables our reality to shift and change in ways we could not fashion by our own might.

This New Moon nourishes our inherent bodily wisdom that simply knows the truth beyond explanations, theories and words. We may want to think our way through it but right now it is time to feel as well, to allow our bodies to speak and a felt sense of deep knowing to arise. Therein lies all the wisdom and advice we will need.

Honoring the Many Faces of the Feminine

This Moon honours the many faces of the feminine: instinctive lunar knowing, the physicality of Venus and the wild resistance of Lilith. She is flexible and multi-faceted, bringing a whole panoply of possibilities to the table. But her position as one corner of a mutable Grand Square (a.k.a. Grand Cross) means there may be too much choice and not enough focus.

The potential of this Moon is great but we could be all too easily distracted by a shiny treat on the surface and miss the buried treasure beneath our feet. Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, forming the other three corners, remind us truth is a slippery fish and just when we thought we had clarity a whole new perspective can arise unbidden, to muddy the waters and throw us once again into doubt.

In Need of Connection but Unable to Find It?

Contact-driven and in need of connection, this New Moon reaches out to others but may somehow, and inexplicably, miss the mark. If you find yourself in need of connection but unable to find it, consider whether your energy, mind and emotions are too scattered to connect with the external world in any meaningful way.

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Often we must meet ourselves before we can truly meet another, and the time of this Moon is no exception. Seek first your own friendship and true friends will be unavoidably found along the way.

If this Moon touches us deeply it’s because we’re ready for fresh connections and sense of community, a change of heart and mind which fosters new relationships that fuel inspiration and effective activity. But first we must return to ourselves, spend time in the quiet darkness and honour the true self who yearns, now more than ever, to be the only self we share.

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