Crisis Express at Mid-Life: Personal and Global

Apart from the work of Gail Sheehy, few sociologists or astrologers have observed the paradigm shift which waits in ambush to mark most lives close to age of forty. The Divine architecture upon which the Zodiac rests works through octave relationships and mathematical certainties. Let's observe a powerful synchronicity at work:

Jupiter's orbit is twelve years; thus as one approaches age forty-two Jupiter will have made 3.5 orbits. It opposes its natal position that year.

Saturn's orbit is approximately twenty-eight years. Closing in on age forty-four, Saturn will have made l.5 orbits to also oppose its natal position, as well. The progressed moon moves in close alignment with Saturn; so that it, too, will encounter a hard aspect to its natal position at age forty-two.

Uranus' orbit is eighty-four years, so it opposes its natal position when the individual reaches age forty-two: its half-way mark.

Neptune's orbit is approximately l65 years, so it forms its first square (to its natal position) at age forty-one. 

I believe the Neptune square to be the most disorienting feature among the "fated" mid life planetary alignments. Where Jupiter may draw the individual to expect too much, only to witness the humbling reality check induced by Saturn's opposition to its "starting point", the square of Neptune causes a fundamental questioning of the very issues -- sacred cows -- one never examined previously.

It should also be noted that those born in the 1940s through early 1960s will also receive a square between natal and transiting Pluto in their early forties. Pluto represents a major process of "death" followed by rebirth. There's no question individuals are intended to reinvent themselves as they approach their early forties!

The generation rebounding from recent mid-life crisis aspects, and/or approaching these, do so in synchrony with global labor pains inducing the new millennium to be born. This population could benefit from time-tested astrological guidance at such a pivotal time. Rather than manage life events with coping mechanisms as isolating as those expected of the Mir Space Craft team, individuals should be comforted with the knowledge they are not alone in this modern Initiation process. The scope of the current millennial shift is so vast that many Ancient seers held prophecies reaching ripeness at this hour -- which author Gregg Braden refers to as The Zero Point.

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With Neptune in Aquarius, is it any wonder that many celestial events have been taking place to lift mankind's collective attention higher? Astrology is sacred to the sign of Aquarius, and remains a lucid tool for ascertaining humanity's unfolding stages in cycles of vast global transition. The last great Age of Pisces came into dominion largely through Jesus, fisher of men, and Divine Son. Under Aquarius, the world must begin to recognize the Divine daughter. Using mythology to make this case, one may liken Christ to Apollo -- the divine male child incarnation. His twin sister Artemise, represents the equally divine feminine principle -- that borne of inner knowing, intuition, and rebellion to those creeds which limit sentient possibilities for both genders.

As Neptune and Uranus form their squares to the collective forces of Jupiter and Saturn now merged in Taurus, sign of land-based values and earth's own wealth, the question of how value is derived is destined to come under the cosmic microscope. It will force an examination of what is determined to hold worth. With the August l999 eclipse still sending powerful reverbatory waves up through weather systems (a number of great quakes, droughts, hurricanes which have challenged the predictions of the weather channel, and newly activated volcanoes), while rocking the labor-management equation (via the recent "Battle in Seattle"), imbalances of many types are challenging the previous "world model".

As we exit the Age of Pisces, belief systems which tore the world asunder by exaggerating polarities will require visionary mending. When only left brain logic is utilized to "solve" global problems, the mentality which created these problems cannot be transcended. History repeats because only mundane reasoning -- devoid of astrological insights or mystical truths -- is permitted into the decision making process! Astrologers no longer fear for their lives under the threat of church heresy, but we continue to face a great and unfair prejudice against our field. In what other branch of study may a lifetime be devoted to theory, research, counseling, and practice to be granted no doctoral degree?

Fundamentalists now utilize "home schooling" manuals which reach a purported million youngsters. Recently I was struck by the naked manner in which the author linked astrologers with devil worshippers! We know that Neptune can play the role of deceiver. Its presence in Aquarius influences the air-waves and what is taken for truth. If children are taught dangerous illusions early on, they may have to wait until their own mid-life crises overturn their "philosophical apple-carts". 

With hundreds of cable TV channels, the voice of the astrologer/mystic is conspicuous by its absence. Those who have not studied our field refer to us as "flakes" and misfits, just as those with abiding respect for nature and the preservation of species are dismissed as "tree huggers". Silencing the messenger doesn?t alter the truth, and often it is only the astrologer who can observe current events in terms of the grand celestial picture. Our voice is missing from the table!

Species are dying, children are killing children, media is awash in violent imagery supported by an unspoken ethos based on harm. These behaviors derive from a delusional perception of freedom, one with unexamined consequences. So-called liberties are not free. Just as the medical costs of cigarette smoke effect a nation, the costs of gun-shot wounds, pornography, processed fast food filler (and/or diabolical/genetically altered "foods"), alcohol, and many pharmaceutical drugs are doing their part to destroy the quality of life for too many! We must ask what has gotten the world's greatest nation to this point? The presumption that reason, logic, and science in their formatted, follow-the-leader, patriarchal stances hold immutable answers, while the higher truths (which astrologers offer) are silenced, cripples the expanse of consciousness required to move into the promise of the approaching new epoch.

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"The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto?
by Howard Sasportas

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Sioux Rose is an astrologer and writer who has written numerous articles and columns for magazine and newspapers nationwide. She has just finished a book on Pluto which the American Federation of Astrologers is going to publish in 2001. This article was first published in the AFA bulletin. She writes a weekly column online at and she can be reached at [email protected]


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