How the Moon Affects Your Business?

Does the Moon Affect Your Business?

Have you noticed that on some days many of your clients or customers seem to have certain things in common. For example, on some days people may only want to window shop, while on other days every customer or client who walks through the doors has a complaint. They are responding to the Moon's energy, which changes approximately every two days.

Being able to assess the customer's needs and desires is key to successful business, and in today's market small businesses need every edge they can find in order to thrive. You may already be aware of the Moon's phases and other attributes, so it will come as no surprise that this heavenly orb also reflects your personal business practices. Knowing and understanding the Moon's day-to-day energy (as determined by zodiac sign) provides a natural rhythm for your life and a significant advantage in business affairs.

The Moon sign in a business' chart indicates how the business is run, in much the same way that the Moon in your personal chart indicates how you tend to approach your day-to-day dealings. If you know the date on which you began your small business, then you can obtain a birth chart for it. If you don't have a specific time, you can use noon of that day for a chart. An almanac for the year you began the business will tell you the Sun and Moon signs on the date you began. Although you will rarely know the Moon sign of your clientele, you can understand people better through the transiting Moon. The Moon on a particular day indicates the people who come to you, and what their emotional, material, mental, and even spiritual needs and desires are.

As you read the rest of this article, you have three things to consider: (1) The sign your Moon is in -- this will tell you a lot about how you tend to approach others in your daily work; (2) the Moon's sign in the chart of your business -- this reflects the activities involved in your business operations; and (3) the sign the Moon is in today -- this will indicate the kind of customers you can expect and what their personal reasons are for coming to you at this particular time.

The Moon in the Signs

When the Moon is in a fire sign -- Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius -- the modus operandi (how you act when you are not consciously thinking about it) is primarily intuitive. This means that you respond to other people based on what you believe they want or need. Regardless of what service or product you provide, the lasting impact it will have on your customer is a major concern.

When the Moon in an earth sign -- Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn -- your approach is primarily that of perceiving through the five senses, and you focus on the practical aspect of your customer interaction. Your concern will be for facilitating the sale, completing the desired service, and managing the day-to-day business to enhance customer interaction.

With the Moon in an air sign -- Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius -- your approach is primarily intellectual, and working though each customer request logically and rationally will take priority. You'll seek out information that will be helpful to each individual customer, and you'll think through business decisions to their logical conclusion.

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When the Moon is in a water sign -- Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces -- there is a tendency to approach other people on the feeling level. You judge whether you have the appropriate product or service, not in the basis of a particular customer, but on the business "climate." You sell the customer on the emotional level, appealing to their gut response to your sell, if not to the product or service.

If you and your business have the Moon in the same element -- fire, earth, air, or water -- there is a consistency between your own mental process and the way your business can operate effectively. If they are different, however, you can choose between two ways of approaching customers. You can use the personal approach that you are naturally tuned to -- an approach that is often successful because people desire the personal touch in their lives and will appreciate that you're offering it. You can also use the approach dictated by the business' own Moon. Thus, if you have the Moon in a water sign and the business has a fire Moon, you can approach customers on the feeling level, while also indicating all the future advantages of the product or service. If you have an air sign Moon and the business' Moon is in an earth sign, you can think through your customer's requests, and then apply all the practical aspects of your business to solving them.

Use the tables in an astrological book, or an astrological calendar, to determine the Moon's sign each day. Moon Tables will give you the day and time when the Moon changes sign. Then pay attention to the customers you contact. They will very likely share the characteristics of the Moon's sign. Now, you can blend your own Moon, the Moon of the business, and the daily Moon sign to determine your best approach to doing business!

Moon in Aries

Aries is impulsive, so expect your customers to be more impulsive under an Aries Moon. They may have planned out their shopping needs where large items are concerned, but decide at the last minute on a major upgrade. Aries is associated with the color red and the element of fire. You may find that more products in the warm color range sell with the Moon in Aries. Don't panic and resupply too quickly though -- the blue, purples, and greens will sell as the Moon moves through the signs. Oddly enough, the color will matter for products that seemingly have nothing to do with the Moon. You may find that you suddenly have fewer books with red covers, and that all your dictionaries are all blue or brown. Red vegetables may become scarce. You may even sell more marinara dishes and fewer Alfredo dishes.

Keep in mind that you, too, are experiencing the impulsiveness of Aries. This is not the best time to make major inventory decisions that were not planned out in advance. Stick to your dollar limit, even if you see products that call out to you. Remember that if they didn't call out to you yesterday, or the day before, they may not call to your customers tomorrow. If your business offers a service, expect a few clients who are more than willing to tell you how to run your life, or how to do something better. Listen to them, glean the valuable lesson they offer, but ignore advice that will show its impracticality when the Moon moves into Taurus in a couple of days. Don't redesign the store with the Moon in Aries.

Moon in Taurus

During the earthy Taurus Moon phase of the month, you'll find people want comfort and security. You will want to provide little touches (incense to freshen the air, or comfortable heat or air conditioning) to your business to make your customers relax and spend a few extra minutes shopping. Straightening the shelves and cleaning up around the cash register can also make customers feel that their needs have been addressed. Greet each client or customer warmly, whether in person or over the phone, recall something personal about people you know and include it in the conversation, or offer a sincere compliment that focuses on their clothing, voice, or appearance. When helping a customer to select a product, be sure to ask about the intended use. Use key sales points that respond directly to the customer's need or desire, and be sure to incorporate information about the quality of the product or service, its practicality, and durability.

Because you are on a practical roll with the Moon in Taurus, make purchases that you feel will hold up well in your business. Buy shoes that will still feel good when you have been working a long day, and be recalled favorably after they've worn out. Put off shopping for a one-occasion outfit to another day.

Moon in Gemini

When the Moon is in Gemini, you want to be able to change the ambiance to suit each customer. While this may at first sound fickle, it actually means that you are able to respond to individuals, making them feel right at home. Your broad range of interests comes into play as you gather and dispense information to help customers and clientele. While this is not a good day for intense financial planning or for wholesale redesign of your store, it is a good time for creating more temporary displays to showcase new product arrivals, and for making a run to the bank. You may find yourself making long range plans and considering products that will not arrive for several months.

Use this as the time to imagine what products will be hot six months or a year from now, and how you will position them to sell through. Planning for a service business may involve the advertising you plan for an upcoming conference or open house. Product development thrives on the forward thinking of the Gemini Moon. Do some shopping to see what is out there, and even to watch people as they shop.

Moon in Cancer

Regardless of your business or service, you may find that people focus on family matters with the Moon in Cancer. This is a day for nurturing your client, your business, and yourself. Nurturing yourself includes everything from stopping off for a cup of your favorite coffee on your way to work to propping up a good book for a few minutes to working a crossword puzzle. Yes, there is business to attend to, but today will be far more productive if you take breaks and simply enjoy a few minutes to yourself. Nurture your clients by letting them express themselves. You may have the most wonderful new product or service, but it may not be what this person needs, so ask and then listen. When you talk about your product or service, be sure to include information about how practical it is, and also how it will benefit other people besides the person it is intended for.

Nurture your business by taking care of nagging little projects, making sure the paperwork is getting done, or placing the holiday order in time for early shipment. Check your supplies and prepare your reorder, even if the order won't be made until Friday.

Moon in Leo

Everyone wants to be recognized when the Moon is in Leo, and customers will remember that you made them feel special. This is a good time to sell the latest, greatest, new product. "It just came in," or "I've only got a few," or "You can be the first to own one," are all possible approaches. Customers will be pleased to be treated with the respect they so richly deserve.

Treat customers and clients royally by serving samples of food products, including bookmarks in every shopping bag, or offering meaningful discounts on future services or products. Recognize repeat clients or customers in a special way, too. Treat yourself royally and wear clothes that make you feel special, and be sure to include elegant accessories. If you are dressed well, clients and customers will believe your did it just for them. In a way you have, but you do this for yourself, too.

Even if your business does not ordinarily focus on humor, Moon in Leo is a good time to incorporate this social element into your business dealings. Humor injects warmth into the most difficult situations. Of course you need to get a reading on your client to be sure that what you feel is funny will appeal to them.

Moon in Virgo

Practical matters and details demand attention when the Moon is in Virgo. This is true for you, your business, and your customer. Perhaps you have noticed that some days all you seem to do is respond to the most detailed, picky questions and complaints. You want to sell an upscale product or making great strides in a client's therapy, and the focus is on the loose thread in your carpet, or a broken fingernail, or an issue from the past that you thought had been laid to rest -- the details.

On days like this, a simple approach works best. Get right down to business with each customer, but let him or her tell you what that business is. Expect each customer or client to be somewhat judgmental or critical in their choices. Avoid selling or telling something that only speaks to that moment. Instead, ask how the item fits into the wardrobe, decorating scheme, or personal life of the customer. Oh, and by the way, ask yourself the same questions as you go through the day.

Honesty is always important, and even more so with Moon in Virgo. Without being rude you can let your clients and customers know your true opinion. In this way they will come to trust your judgment and rely on your suggestions. Research new trends in your business while the Moon is in Virgo. Your own skills of discrimination come to the fore, helping you to identify the products or services you can add to your business to attract new customers and keep the old. You may want to think about large purchases, waiting for the Moon to enter Libra before placing the order, however, as this gives you a chance to allow your dreams to speak to you.

Moon in Libra

With the Moon in Libra you may to want to accommodate the customer's every need, which can be either a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, satisfying the customer is what commerce is about. They come to you for some reason, and if you fulfill their need or desire you have transacted profitable business. On the other hand, if you bend over backward too far to satisfy them it'll be difficult for you to maintain a healthy balance in your business or within yourself.

With Libra, the key is finding balance and maintaining it. One sure way to do this is to identify what is truly important to the customer, and keep returning to that point. When the demands tend to side issues, listen, but then reply by moving back to the essentials. Another strategy is to depend on your business partner to help maintain the balance. If, for example, a salesman pressures you to buy a lot more product than you need, your agreement with your partner about large purchases can come into play. Saying, "I have to consult with Mary," postpones the final decision, and gives you time to think over the proposed purchase.

Customers may tend to be self-indulgent with the Moon in Libra, but don't fuel their buying spree; let them do what they want instead. If you encourage them too much, they may feel you took advantage of them later on, and that means they may not be back again.

Moon in Scorpio

The ruthless quality of Moon in Scorpio carries over into the business world, too. Emotional forces that normally don't enter into daily commerce may drive you and your customers. Big sales can make this happen. Everyone wants to take advantage of the sale, and there is a lot of rushing in to grab the merchandise, and not much concern for other people. As the business owner, you occasionally find yourself doing the same thing -- for example; buying up all of a product that you believe will be a big seller. Never mind that this leaves your inventory very one-sided, and that you don't have the resources to balance it out. Never mind that not all of your customers are going to want that one item. You have cornered the market! Later you may wonder why that mattered so much.

Customer relations can also benefit from Scorpio's energy. For example, you can be definite in your opinions without trying to dominate your customer's decisions. You can set competitive prices without reducing your profit margin to zero. You can provide a slightly sexy, emotionally magnetic atmosphere without seeming degenerate. You can focus on the creative and regenerative facets of your business, and even suggest the healing properties of products that are not normally associated with wellness.

Qualities of the Scorpio Moon to de-emphasize include distrust (although you can exercise reasonable care to prevent theft), stubbornness (remember that the customer is always right, even when he or she is wrong), and sarcasm (no matter how much a customer irritates you).

Finally, there is nothing like a Scorpio Moon for pointing out when a relationship with a customer has come to its practical and logical end. You need to know when and how to end a relationship with someone. A proven way to do this is to say, "My partner and I have discussed our relationship with you, and we find we are simply unable to achieve an acceptable level of customer satisfaction. We have decided that you will have to take your business to someone who is better equipped to meet your needs." Said without sarcasm, but with meaning, leaving no room for negotiation, you honor the client's needs and your own by taking this action.

Moon in Sagittarius

The tone of the day is inconsistent when the Moon is in Sagittarius. You think you have a plan for what you want to accomplish, but that plan is set aside in favor of something else altogether. You think you have a firm agreement with a customer, a partner, or a supplier, and you find that they (or you) have changed the agreement dramatically. You have ideals popping up to juxtapose themselves with factual realities. A person could become confused!

If you have the Moon in Sagittarius, you are used to this kind of shifting ground. Probably you have learned to depend on other people to point out your inconsistencies. When they suddenly are not playing by those long-established rules, you pessimistically believe that the situation can never work itself out and that all is lost. You probably only feel this way for a few minutes or hours, but the feelings are very strong.

The key focus for Moon is Sagittarius is idealism. You can encourage clients and customers with little bits of wisdom that may have little to do with the chase or service itself, but which nonetheless create a cheerful interchange and set the tone for business. Treat each customer as an individual, because change is the name of the game in every way. Even if three or four people come in asking for the same thing, each has a personal agenda that you can consider. Your customers will come to appreciate the upbeat attitude and look to you to create a bright spot in their day.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn can be a starkly emotionless day or two in your business life. It's not that Capricorn is without emotions -- it's more that a sense of duty precludes their expression. This can be a good thing if your are negotiating a deal or tallying receipts. Any activity that demands practical application of your knowledge can be accomplished in such a day. You may lose patience with individuals who want to tell you their sad, happy, or otherwise distracting stories, but your practical business sense suggests to you that listening is often necessary. Use this chance to learn something true about your customer. Your can take in their story without coloring it with your own emotions, and be truly objective while assisting them.

Moon in Capricorn also presents an opportunity to do some basic research in your professional field. Check out the Internet for the latest consumer statistics. See what people are writing about your favorite subjects. People may be feeling reactionary after changeable Sagittarius, but Capricorn's earthy energy will help people get their feet firmly planted back on the ground. You can look forward to the next Moon sign change, when you and your customers will again shift to a logical, rational mode of communication.

Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius, you are willing to listen to other people's problems. This is a good trait for a shopkeeper, as your approach generally makes people feel better, and this encourages them to return to your shop. Your observation skills allow you to inject something into these conversations that will often help the customer to change in beneficial ways. The ability to listen carries through to sales as well. You let the customer tell you what they want and then you steer them in the right direction. You are also willing to say that you just don't have the product or service they are seeking; and often can recommend someone to them, thereby, providing help indirectly.

Customers with the Moon in Aquarius may feel they need to help you. They will be full of ideas about how to arrange your store, schedule your appointments, and generally, how to run your business. You can listen to what they have to say, however, a planned exit from extended conversations of this type may be needed, as you do have a business to run, after all.

When today's Moon is in Aquarius you will have a mix of ideas that enlivens your day. You have many sales inspirations, perhaps more than you can follow through with, and you also have the sustained mental energy to implement the ones you choose. This is more a mental time than physical, so today is for planning what you will do when the Moon enters Taurus in about five days.

Moon in Pisces

With the Moon in Pisces, you tend to accept ideas from others very readily. You probably recognize the fact that you can be exploited at times, however, you are generally very optimistic. Remember that you can spread that quality to others just as easily as they can influence you. The key is to strike a balance.

If the Moon is in Pisces today, there is a focus on your emotional nature. You may wish to be alone in the back room sorting through catalogs, entering product into inventory, or fantasizing about your next major project. To the extent that this is possible, do it. Naturally, not all the staff in your business can be in the back room if the front door is open, but you can take the feeling into the shop and even impart the peaceful calm that you wish to engender in yourself. You can rearrange shelves, restock product, and generally use your imaginative touch to refine the look of your establishment.

Customers with the Moon in Pisces may be wishing for this calm and order when they come to your business. They too are subject to exploitation, to some extent, and you want to be respectful of their emotional tenderness. If you are showing them particular products, you will want to reshelf the items, letting them go back to pick things out for themselves. This is not a time to hover too close either. The Moon in Pisces customer wants to ramble around. By letting them do this, you may find that you make a larger sale.


Competition in sales and service businesses is aggressive. Any tools you can find that give you an edge will reap big benefits. Understanding the nature of the Moon for you, your business, and your customer can provide just such an advantage. Your own Moon sign provides information about how you tend to engage the world on a less conscious level (the Sun reflects your conscious approach). The Moon sign for the chart of your business tunes you into the way you engage the customer or client, regardless of the product or service involved. While you will generally not know your customer's Moon sign, you can often detect the unconscious urge that brought them to you, and then try to meet that need. Try planning a month or two around the Moon's sign, and observe the difference it makes to the flow of your business.

Closing on a personal note, as you become familiar with your own lunar cycle, you may identify certain signs that are better for one kind of activity than another. To the extent that you can accommodate your personal lunar cycle, give yourself a break on days when you expect to be more sensitive. Push yourself on the days when you think can accomplish more. You don't have to be consistent (unless your Taurus Moon demands it). By respecting your own cycles, you will be far more successful in the long run, and you may feel a lot better in the short run.

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