Who's In The First House? You and Celebrities Seen Through Astrology

Who's In The First House? You and Celebrities Seen Through Astrology

Have you ever wondered why you seem drawn to certain individuals more than others? Do certain celebrities, politicians or public figures command your attention like no one else? You may have more in common with the celebrity you admire than you think.

This goes beyond the compatibility we feel with people in our every day lives. People on television and in film project their auras. We viewers respond emotionally (some might even say psychically) to these auric patterns in different ways. We immediately recognize and empathize with those who are most like us or share common traits. Psychologists have studied and researched this fact for decades. And as we delve into astrology we find that recognition can often be found in similarities within the birth chart.

Rising signs and the planets inhabiting the first house seem to have the most influence in the "recognition effect". For example, Scorpio is on my ascendant and Neptune and Venus inhabit my first house. I've found that I am most attracted to or "recognize" those with either Scorpio ascendants or strong Neptune/Venus first house patterns! I seem to emphasize most with those with Neptune in the first house -- perhaps I am alerted to their dreamy natures -- or to the fact that the world does not see this person for who they really are -- a common Neptune trait.

The Ascendant and the planets placed within the first house can tell you a lot about yourself and your attractions. It is the face you show to the world -- even more so than your sun sign. Your recognition of a public personality is not so surprising when you realize that in a sense -- you wear a similar face!

Aries Rising or Mars in the 1st

When you share this placement with a celebrity or public person, you are recognizing a mutual need to win. Both of you like to be first and winning is paramount. This placement is aggressive therefore there is a lot of stamina and energy with this aspect. You probably like the confidence you sense in the individual you admire -- you recognize these attributes in yourself!

* Notable Personalities - Richard Burton (Aries Rising), Ernest Hemingway (Mars 1st)

Taurus Rising or Venus in the 1st

The public figure with this aspect is a beauty object. While not necessarily perfect, this individual likes the limelight and all that it entails. Only the biggest and the best can satisfy this public figure. Fancy cars, jewels and homes easily identify this celebrity. You recognize and identify with this individual because luxury and the finer things are important to you. Guard against vanity -- there is more to the world than material possessions.

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* Notable Personalities - Barbara Streisand (Taurus Rising)

Gemini Rising or Mercury in the 1st

Writers and politicians usually have this aspect. But it's not just about brainpower! These people are often the wittiest among personalities and they use their cerebral charm to reach the top. When you recognize these personalities, you're recognizing these powers in yourself! Since their expertise lies in the area of communication, words are very important to these people.

* Notable Personalities - Orson Wells, (Gemini Rising), Ted Turner (Mercury in 1st)

Cancer Rising or Moon in the 1st

The recognition here is obvious -- with these public figures everything they touch seems to come up roses! Whether acting, writing or a musical performer, these individuals follow their hearts to attain success. Their emotions dictate all that they do and they are not afraid to act upon them. "Moodiness" ( negative and positive) are the keys to understanding their talents and making them work.

* Notable Personalities - Madonna (Moon in 1st), John Travolta (Cancer Rising)

Leo Rising or Sun in the 1st

Can anybody say showmanship! This is an aspect of the performer. When you recognize a public figure with this placement, you are seeing star quality. You recognize in them (and in yourself) the gift of gab, magnanimity and benign power. These people never seem to have to work very hard for recognition or celebrity -- it's a birth rite! Their movies earn mega box office, their albums go platinum and their books are bestsellers. They know what the public wants and how to give it to them.

* Notable Personalities - Elton John (Leo Rising), Mae West (Sun in 1st)

Virgo Rising or Mercury in the 1st

Individuals with this placement are very goal oriented. Since Virgo is the sign of service, it is no surprise that these people are in the entertainment industry. Everything they do is for the fans. But make no mistake -- they enjoy their work. A first house Virgo is often associated with the writer or publisher and many in that field have this aspect. They take pride in their work and achievements and everything they do is planned meticulously to the very end.

* Notable Personalities- Hugh Hefner, Tom Hanks (Virgo Rising)

Libra Rising or Venus in the 1st

Pure elegance is what comes to mind with this placement. These individuals exude class and style. Like their Taurus counterparts, these personalities appreciate nice things -- but with a difference. Libra's require very little "flash" to be noticed. The "star quality" they radiate comes more from the inside.

* Notable Personalities - Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields (Libra Rising)

Scorpio Rising or Pluto in the 1st

So you like mystery, do you? Or perhaps you're considered a bit mysterious? This placement is usually found with the celebrity whom no one can "get a handle on". They shun interviews, do not attend many Hollywood functions and are considered to be "hard to know". These individuals may not say much, but their eyes speak volumes. They may command or enslave through a television set or a movie screen. Words like "enigmatic", "quiet" or "secretive" are used most often to describe these individuals. If you share this placement with your favorite celebrity, you might find that some of the same things are said about you!

* Notable Personalities - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Scorpio Rising), Robert DeNiro (Pluto in the 1st)

Sagittarius Rising or Jupiter in the 1st

Do you like to laugh? Your favorite personality sure does. When you share this aspect with a personality, you are recognizing good humor. Comedians and satirical commentators seem to have this aspect on lockdown! Having a fire sign on or near the ascendant is beneficial for excitement and the power to give it to others. Actors with this house placement seem very approachable.

* Notable Personalities- Danny DeVito, Goldie Hawn (Sagittarius Rising), Meg Ryan (Jupiter in the 1st)

Capricorn Rising or Saturn in the 1st

Don't allow Saturn's bad rap to fool you -- these individuals know how to get the job done! When you share this placement with a public figure you recognize a strong work ethic that enables you to get to the top. These people work hard at their professions and even those in the entertainment industry understand that what they do is a business. They set deadlines, plan and oversee all that they do with a determination that is admirable. No obstacle or limitation is too much to overcome for these newsmakers.

* Notable Personalities - Diana Princess of Wales, Oprah Winfrey (Saturn in the 1st)

Aquarius Rising or Uranus in the 1st

Uranus first house placements alert you to reformist tendencies in the public figure you admire. You know that (like yourself) they are not content to sit back and allow their world to become stagnant or boring. These individuals seek and demand change! Growth and evolution is of the utmost importance if these individuals are to continue in their ambitions.

* Notable Personalities -- Howard Hughs, Whoopi Goldberg (Aquarius Rising, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp (Uranus in the 1st)

Pisces Rising or Neptune in the 1st

Ah, glamour. Entertainers with a strong Neptune are often the most beautiful or at least very interesting to look at. They have "otherworldly" eyes and bearing that cannot be faked or copied. Often, you cannot take your eyes off of them. And this might even include those you don't like that much! They have dreamy quality, which can be seductive. Like Scorpio/Pluto Rising, they appear mysterious, yet it is not done purposely. The mask they were is often so hypnotic that one wonders if they are even real. But be sure to avoid the pitfalls of this placement. Neptune angular can often be an "addictive" aspect.

* Notable Personalities - Jacqueline Susann, Demi Moore (Pisces Rising), Marilyn Monroe, Courtney Love, River Phoenix (Neptune in the 1st)

Recognizing the First House Signature

Recognizing the celebrities you admire through first house placements can be a fun and interesting activity. Obtaining birthday and natal information is fairly easy to obtain via fan magazines, celebrity bio's, and the internet.

After setting up a chart, you may find that a celebrity has a stellium (three or more planets) in the first house. Simply blend the energies of the planets to get a more accurate character profile of the public figure.

Test yourself. Remember that the Ascendant (rising sign) is what the world sees when they look at a person. You'll be surprised at how good you'll get a "recognizing" a star's first house signature simply by looking at them.


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