Crisis Express at Mid-Life - Part 2

Continued from Part I

Mid-Life Crisis for Mankind

Moving out of the Piscean Age means overcoming the powerful undertow of illusions which grips the collective. Neptune is linked with the collective unconscious. In Aquarius, it is energizing the "12th house" in the Pisces "solar chart". In many respects this millennial shift symbolizes mankind's collective mid-life crisis. Both fish must be balanced if our shared vehicle is to progress. Both portions of our Divinely crafted brains must be honored and utilized! At present only half our collective psyche is validated. It operates with a preference for left brain empirical data-basing. We need the feminine, intuitive, all-inclusive mystical perspective as a counter-balancing force; otherwise history endlessly repeats! It takes two oars to progress any vehicle! Mankind has been circling due to self-limiting belief systems for too long! Herein lies one of the essential binding illusions of Neptune and the persecution-based Piscean age.

The fear of astrology can be linked back to Saturn-Chronos, drawn into synchrony with Neptune via the l994 mutual reception between both planetary "leaders". In essence, these planets set up a surreptitious means for those already possessed of power to retain it. They do not wish to empower others, so they maintain a jealous grip on progress. Just as the mythological Chronos ate his own children (a lot like Capricorn Richard Nixon ordering the fateful bullets aimed at rebel children of Kent State, or the Chinese rulers enacting the same thing at Beijing) there is a fear of power unleashed when individuals come to fully recognize and properly regard their fundamental kinship with cosmos. This sacred relationship also changes the way we treat natural resources and our fellow mankind.

Uranus, that power waiting to assume leadership under the auspices of the new Aquarian Age, lies outside of Saturn's orbit. If need be, it will crash the systems (of the past) which allow power to aggregate -- like wealth -- into circles of smaller and smaller, denser and denser "specific gravity"... until the whole pyramid implodes! Unfortunately the Aquarian Age is being born in a manger of corrupt corporate values which places price-tags on the sacred, and honors nothing. I relate this to that sinister collusion which took place in l994 as Saturn crossed Pisces to mark the closing of that age, while seven influences gathered in Capricorn's "own back rooms".

 A "Republican Revolution" ensued which levied a mean-spirited political agenda ingeniously engineered to hide behind "family values" and apparent high moral precepts. To these one may safely intone, "Bah humbug!" Newt Gingrich and those "compassionate conservatives" who love guns and capital punishment have effectively raped civil liberties through the disguise of a "Drug war". The presidency was nearly usurped, most entitlement programs were perilously cut during a term of unprecedented wealth, and ecological ruination has come to many public lands and precious natural resources as lobbyists glibly sacrifice long term public good for "big business" quarterly profits! 

The Wake-Up Call

So what of Neptune, you ask? Linked to Poseidon, it moves through oceanic waves and bears mysterious undertows in its wake. In Aquarius, Neptune demands that those who are truly awake (not under the influence of alcohol or "chemical mood managers") face the disembodied illusions and deceptions which mankind has collectively assumed over the course of twenty centuries. The collective psyche/unconscious must now face squarely all the lies it has been heir to in order to purify -- through that Aquarian medicine, Truth -- its potential new millennial journey. Neptune resonates with the highest spiritual states of at-onement, as well as the illusions of bloody sacrifice in the name of some fictitious source. It represents Pisces after all, the sign of fish swimming in opposite directions! Neptune rules the 12th house where the circle meets itself, and all boundaries melt away in the manner each drop of rain is inexorably drawn back to the vast ocean beds.

In Aquarius, it invites us into the dream-time to reconceive ourselves and fashion a humanity that resonates to a higher understanding. As the stars once led explorers to new worlds, now astrology must guide individuals to a more enlightened understanding of our innately divine potentials. We are souls in evolution. We incarnate with birth-chart blueprints defining where our souls developed previous aptitudes, and where karmic "tutorials" now abound. We are not finite bodies, but souls experiencing ongoing evolutionary journeys. 

Neptune is the sum of our illusions, addictions, and escapisms. It was not necessarily intended as such, but with the modern world's focus only on the material and "scientific" for centuries, the loftier domain was denigrated, blocked with lethal persecutions, and finally abandoned. Since Neptune's higher path (fish) was not honored or welcomed into the collective experience, the other fish took over! 

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Sioux Rose is an astrologer and writer who has written numerous articles and columns for magazine and newspapers nationwide. She has just finished a book on Pluto which the American Federation of Astrologers is going to publish in 2001. This article was first published in the AFA bulletin. She writes a weekly column online at and she can be reached at [email protected] 

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